Oh My Gawd Sodagirl!
I must clarify…..

April 30, 2006

………I’m not married to an idiotic, redneck, dirtbag hillbilly who doesn’t bathe. I’m sure that’s what you’re all thinking. It’s probably being spread around the internet as I’m typing this. **Insert sarcasm here**. Lemme explain.

A couple of days ago, my husband was reading through my archives. I was curious as to why and he explained:

Me: Why are you looking through my blog? You’ve seen it all before.

Him: I’m not happy.

Me: Not happy about what?

Him: About how you’re portraying me.

Me: Huh?

Him: Well you have all these nice pictures of yourself on here.

Me: Ah ya, well, it is my blog.

Him: Well you only have 2 pictures of me and both of them make me look like some kind of stupid redneck who doesn’t bathe.

Me: Huh?

Him: It’s true. The last pic you posted of me, I’m standing beside the bear and I’m wearing work clothes.

Me: Yes. It’s a cool pic and I’m sure anyone with half a brain realizes that you are wearing work clothes and are not assuming you’re a dirty pig.

Him: Well I want people to know that I’m not a dirty pig. (He’s not a dirty pig). And the other pic of me on your blog is the one where I have the stupid ‘billybob’ teeth in.

Me: Yes honey, it was a joke. Our whole family has ‘billybob’ teeth in. I’m sure they realize it’s a joke and that we, and you’re included in this sweetie, don’t really have hillbilly teeth and we’re not retarded. Nor dirty. Nor pigs. Nor rednecks.

Him: Ya well I want people to know I’m not a redneck with no brains. (He’s not a redneck with no brains and he has all of his teeth).

Soooooooooo, yesterday we went to the Drumheller Badlands and had a little rock climbing adventure and I took over 140 pics and some of them are of my husband (who is not a dirty, redneck, retarded pig, who doesn’t bathe and has all of his teeth, mmmkay?), so let’s all relish in the photographs that prove this.

There. So we’re all clear on this now right? Hubby is not dirty, has all of his teeth, is not retarded nor is he a hillbilly (’cause I’m certain that’s what you were all thinking. Ya). Hopefully this will squash all of those nasty internet rumors. **Insert rolling eyes here**……muahahahahahhahaa.
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18 Responses to “I must clarify…..”

  1. Aww….he’s cute (when he bathes & puts in his teeth) LOL I keed! I keed!

  2. Wonder if it has anything to do with me telling him I love the photo of him with the bear the other day… ROFL..
    He is pretty darn sexy!!
    Take that one to the bank Anthony!!

  3. Awww I’ve never thought that of Anthony! Course I’ve seen other pics of him where he is his hot self. LOL! I can’t wait to meet him in August – I just hope he puts his teeth in.
    Love Karen

  4. As a dirty, toothless hillbilly redneck (although I did take that bath last month, well, fell in a retention pond but that counts) I take exception to this post. You say it like its a BAD thing.

  5. OK, so I used “exception” and spelled it correctly so my cover is blown. I do, though, know many smelly dirty toothless redneck hillbillies, grew up with them, went to school with them, work with them, and occasionally attempt communicating with one of them. I feel some one has to stand up for the downtrodden as they haven’t the wits (or sobriety) to stand up for themselves and, well, why shouldn’t I be that one. Then I realized and can’t stand the whole horde of so and so’s.

  6. Well, tell him that I said he looks handsome and strong albeit with a bit of an onery glint in his eye. I like it!

  7. oh shit, those weren’t his real teeth? ;)

  8. omg that is so weird…wat is this site about/???? omg//// wow. lyk is this all u do in yr spare time.??? u have no lyf…

  9. Thanks everyone! Ozy, I love a good hillbilly now and again. I swear. wink wink

  10. Your hubby is funny Sassy! lol

    Why is he worrying…. he’s a cutie.

  11. **wolf whistle**

    I remember this conversation from yesterday
    and your hubby is such a freakin girl!! LMAO

    Just kiddin Anthony- you’re a hottie


    and ~wow~ anonymous…
    I really dont think its Sassy who has no life.

  12. and I’m a fucking spazz, I meant to say
    “from Saturday”,
    not “from yesterday”

    I read what day you blogged this and then put yesterday *sigh* but whatever

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