Oh My Gawd Sodagirl!
It’s my haircut and I’ll cry if I want to.

May 6, 2006

See that pretty little face? That would be my pretty little girl. And she’s gonna break my heart tomorrow. Oh and probably in about 10 years as well but right now, I’ll deal with the issue at hand.

Tomorrow is ‘the big day’. And what big day am I taking about? She’s getting her long hair cut. **Sniff sniff**. Okay, I know the guys that come here are gonna be like, what’s she all blubbering about. The women that come here, who have no children, are gonna be like, what’s she got her panties in a bunch about? It’s the moms that come by here, that have daughters especially, who will truly understand what I’m taking about.

It’s the end of an era almost. It’s another way to show independance. Not that I don’t want her to be independant, because believe me, for a 5 year old, she’s an old soul. But it’s just one step closer to growing up and she’s my baby. And really, if I want to throw myself a freakin’ pity party, I will dammit, I will.

Her hair is past her little butt and she wants it cut to about my length, which is still fairly long but it will be just past her shoulders. She’s gonna look too grown up, I just know it. Yes, I’m stomping my feet and pouting but I am going to give myself a pat on the back too. I mean, I thought for sure I would through a tantrum when she told me she wanted it cut. I envisoned the day and really saw myself throwing spoons, toilet papering the house in rebellion, smashing a cup or two and then throwing my limp body on the floor and pounding the hardwood with my fists. But alas, I didn’t do much of that. I think I handled myself quite well actually and hardly anything got broken or mangled.

I took about 80 pictures of her today in her dance outfit for her show coming up next month. I had to narrow it down to about 30 to get printed. If you click her sweet picture, you will see a small sampling of the shots I got (they’re at my photo blog…fuck I’m lazy and really need to get a button made for that……anyhooooo). I also took some with her hair down so I can look back and shed tears at the hair that is gone. Hey it’s a mom thing or maybe it’s a Sassy thing, but either way, I’m going to cry tomorrow, I’m kinda looney at times, I know, I know. I will also be taking pictures and video of the whole thing being done. Am I a crackpot or what (don’t answer that.)? Oh well, at least I don’t accuse people of stealing shit from the grocery store. Sweet dreams my friends.

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7 Responses to “It’s my haircut and I’ll cry if I want to.”

  1. awwwww…


    Yeah, I get it.

  2. You’re the opposite of my little girl’s mum! I’m all for long hair on my girl but her mum has an obsession with cutting it at about bob-length. She still looks cute but her mum doesn’t want the hassle of managing long hair.

  3. aww sending hugs….and yes I get it went through that with Miss Tessa when she cut her own hair, and had to get it “fixed” at the salon…..now she’s getting it long again, won’t let anyone touch it!

  4. AAAWW Sassy! It hurts when they want to do thing thier way! LOL Samantha is like that now. So if you want to through a fit then go ahead! Big Hugs to you!!

    Hugs, Sally

  5. Awwww hunny!! I totally sympatize with ya! Love Karen

  6. Oooh. That’s a tough one. I have a feeling that you’ll like the cut more than you think, especially when you see her happy little face. If by chance she ends up not liking the cut, it will be a nice bonding opportunity for the two of you anyway, ’cause you’re the one that she’ll run to. It’s hard watching them get big, isn’t it? My little girl turned 29 last March. Geesh.

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