Oh My Gawd Sodagirl!
Color. Red. Green. HNT.

May 10, 2006

Red hair. Green eyes. Pale skin. Those are the colors of me. Happy HNT!

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25 Responses to “Color. Red. Green. HNT.”

  1. awww colors of you! I like that. Very Italian colors. :0)

  2. Neat shot, HHNT!

  3. HHNT! I have green eyes and redd(ish- strawberry blonde) hair too!

  4. Eyes …can say it all and these speak volumes …..very very nice ..

  5. Nice eyes! And hair! And skin! HHNT

  6. very striking.

    happy hnt!

  7. And what a lovely shade of you, you truly are Sassy m’dear!
    Happy HNT hun!

  8. I love your colours, and your eyes. Happy HNT x

  9. You are beautiful.

  10. You are stunning and the eyes definitely have it. We could be sisters, I’ve done one similar.

    Happy HNT sweetie ;)

  11. Quite the gorgeous ensamble

  12. Very very nice!
    Happy HNT!

  13. The eyes follow me where ever I move. Oh wait, that’s wishful thinking :)

    Very pretty HNT.

  14. nice eyes hhnt!

  15. Really pretty! HHNT!

  16. Georgeous red hair, eyes like mine and such beautiful skin. What’s not to love?? HHNT!!

  17. Wow beautiful, I love green eyes. The contrast in colors is magnificent. Happy HNT Sassy!

  18. Georgeous eyes! HHNT!

  19. And what beautiful colors they are. You are gorgeous darlin’! HHNT to you. What a great shot!

  20. you look kind,sexy and clever..i loved your eyes HNT



  21. I could stare at those eyes all day…



  22. very beautiful eyes !!!


  23. Great colors. Great shot.

  24. and beautiful colors they are…

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