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Ummm ooops.

May 12, 2006

My husband asked me to find him a washed pair of underwear downstairs. All I could find was a pair that had seen better days. The waistband was torn and basically useless, but hey, they were clean.

He put them on and asked me if I had a safety pin. Hello? Do I look like a seamstress? Pffft. No.

He leaves to go drop off some quotes and also to take his business cards door to door, which requires walking. Walking.

I get a phone call.

Me: Hi.

Hubby: Hi. Ya, that pair of underwear you gave me, well they suck.

Me: Oh?

Hubby: Ya, oh. I walked about 10 feet from the van, along the sidewalk and before I knew it, my underwear were hanging down around my knees.

Me: Hysterically laughing now.

Me: That’s funny.

Hubby: Hahahahahaaha. Ya, no it’s not. Do you know how uncomfortable that is?

Me: Well I suppose I could imagine. More laughter erupts from me. I’m trying to feel compassion here, I really am.

Hubby: Lemme tell ya, it ain’t fun. I had to walk back to the van, well more like waddle, and decide what I was going to do.

Me: Don’t keep me in suspense.

Hubby: Well I couldn’t very well take my pants off in the van in plain view. I could be arrested for lewd conduct or some such thing.

Me: Now that would be funny.

Hubby: Right. Anyway, I happen to have a pair of scissors in the van, so I undid my pants and cut my underwear on either side and then pulled them up and out of my jeans. Really nice.

Me: Maybe you should invest in new underwear.

Hubby: Ya. Thanks.

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11 Responses to “Ummm ooops.”

  1. ROFL!!!! Tell Anthony that Daren often goes commando because of my lack of laundry skills!

  2. This sounds like a Femdom story I read once :P

  3. That was funny thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. I took the piss out of bf recently and said he was wearing his ‘period pants’. That went down very badly. His hasn’t worn them again though

  5. ROFL! That was totally priceless Sassy. I guess he’ll never ask you to bring him another underwear. lol

  6. Men. What can ya say?

  7. See, we keep those types of undies in case of emergency and see what happens? Been there, done that.

  8. lmao!

    I seriously had to wipe tears cause I can just see it.

    Holy crap thats funny!

  9. OMG… That was way tooo funny… I can actually picture him too doing that… I’m laughing so hard here I have to wipe the tears away..
    Time to invest in some new undies Anthony!!

  10. PMSL!!!!
    Hmmmmmmm….I wonder if that was the same day he climbed my roof???

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