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I must say…….

May 14, 2006

…….I have some great kids.

I found out that my 3 teens wanted to buy me a new patio set that was over $300 but that hubby talked them out of it (gee thanks honey) because then they’d all be broke for the next 2 weeks. My answer was ‘so’? Actually I’m kidding, I wouldn’t want them to be broke…….ooooorr would I? Really I’m kidding. Sheesh.

I then found out, that my 18 year old wanted to buy me a ‘day at the spa’. Holy shit. I have never had a day at the spa. However, he couldn’t really afford that by himself either. But I did get some wonderful perfume from him. I’s never had real ‘spensive parfume before and I’s smell good now.

I got a bouquet of tulips from my oldest and his gf. My 2 younger kids made me cards that were hilarious and one made a little hat box lined in shiny, gold wrapping paper and the other painted a tiny flower pot. Plus I got lots of smiles, hugs and kisses. Doesn’t get any better than that.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there. Give yourself a hug today.

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