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My first…..I think…..and it’s the letter P.

May 18, 2006

Okay so I opened my big yap and asked Webmiztris to tag me with a letter meme and she gave me the letter ‘P’. I asked her not to give me ‘Z’ because I only know ‘zoo’ and ‘zit’ and that wouldn’t be very interesting. So the deal is, I list 10 words that start with the letter ‘P’ and spill my guts as to what these particular words mean to me. What do I get myself into? I swear I’m on crack. Which I’m not, but I’m just sayin’. Okay, here goes:

1.Pee: Well we all do it. It doesn’t particularly mean anything to me, it’s just something I do sometimes. Well I do it everyday not just sometimes. Oh I’ve never peed on anyone. That I’m aware of.

2.Poop: Come on, you all knew it was coming and may as well say it and get it over with. I get many freaks people who come to my blog because they’ve googled ‘I pooped my panties’. Now that I’ve said that for the one millionth time, I will get more shitters coming to my blog. But weird publicity is better than none right?

3. Pie: I love pie…..strawberry pie. I haven’t had any for 3 years. I have often dreamed of making one but we all know how well I do in the kitchen and that would just be another disaster waiting to happen.

4. Pineapple: I like pineapple. But it gives me heartburn and then I want to be a hero and that makes for a bad scenerio. Spongebob lives in one.

5. Punch: I don’t mean punch as in a fruity drink that one serves at a party. I mean punch, as in ‘I want to punch you in the face’, which I sometimes have the urge to do to really really dumb people (which brings me to my next word).

6. People: People are weird. People are crazy. People are stupid. People make funny noises. People annoy the shit out of me. And no, this does NOT pertain to all people. Just some. And certainly noone that comes to my blog with the exception of one freak who still stalks me on occasion. The rest of you people, I love.

7. Purple: This is a nice color. My friend Penny hates it and often tells me she hates it. She’s on a trip right now. Lucky bitch. She likes green. But that starts with G. Hmmm maybe I’ll tag her and give her the letter X or Z and see if she can come up with more than ‘zoo’ and ‘zit’.

8. Photography: I am totally into it. Well I don’t like developing my own pictures, I just love taking them. You can see my photography HERE. Yes it’s a shameless plug. Hey plug starts with ‘P’. But I’m not using plug as one of my ‘P’ words because I hate the word plug. It sounds gross. Like phlegm, which, as you can see, is another ‘P’ word but again I’m not using that one. That’s gross too.

9. Phone: What I’m on all the time. Usually with this bizatch. Or this one. Or this one. Or sometimes this one. Oh and sometimes this one.

10.Profanity: I use it alot on my blog but in real life don’t use much of it. I never say ‘fuck’. I love to write it though. Fuck the fucking fuckers.

Thank you Webmiztris for giving me ‘P’ and not ‘Z’. Or ‘X’. Or ‘I’. Or ‘Q’. Muah!

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4 Responses to “My first…..I think…..and it’s the letter P.”

  1. That was a Positively Perfect Plethra of P words, Miss Priss!

  2. no Penis? ;)

  3. lol @ webmiztris!

    You forgot pervert since there’s a little perv in all of us.lol

  4. pituitary? You didn’t mention that one.

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