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What’s in a number?

June 3, 2006

Thirty nine. Three……nine, 39. Three times 10 plus 9 more. Thirteen x 3. That’s what I’ll be in a couple of months. Should I be scared? I dunno.

In the year that I was 19, I was married, got pregnant, got seperated, gave birth to my son and moved back with my parents. That’s alot for a still teenager, heading into adulthood. I had to grow up pretty fast but at the same time, I didn’t want to lose my youth. I was so afraid of that.

I dreaded turning 20. It seemed so daunting and made me think, shit, I’ll be old. An old maid with a kid, who will want me? I know now, that was really kinda dumb to think that but hey, I was still basically a kid with a kid, living with my parents and siblings. Some challenges there to say the least. Luckily, things worked out for me and by the time I was 21, I met the man of my dreams, got remarried and we had 2 sons at that point.

I got through my 20′s with some ups and downs but for the most part, happy and blessed that my life had turned out how it had. And as I was approaching my 30′s, I never felt that twinge of sadness about leaving my 20′s. I refused to be ’29 and holding’. I’ve never lied about my age nor have I exactly acted my age but not in a throw her in jail kinda way, more of a she’s a girl who knows how to have fun once in awhile kinda way. I love to laugh and be silly and anyone who truly knows me, knows that I can be serious if I have to be but at the same time, can be fun and carefree. I’d like to think I’ve kept that youth, albeit a few lines, a couple of grey hairs and hopefully a tiny bit of wisdom. Plus, age is a number right? I mean if you feel like you’re 23, then it’s all good. I know some people who lie about their age, and truthfully I don’t get it. It’s not like someone couldn’t look at your driver’s license or tickle you until you spill the beans about how old you really are. Or threaten to punch you in the face. I’m just sayin’.

So in less than 2 years, I’ll be leaving my 30′s but hey, 40 is the new 27 right? And if it’s not, well, I’ll just make it so it is. I have that power you know. I have connections. Ah huh.

Below is a recent picture of me, no makeup (with the exception of a bit of pink lip gloss), hair not really done and looking like I’m about to beg for money. Okay, I was going to beg for money but that’s not the point. I feel a little naked posting that picture because quite frankly, I love my makeup and feel like people are pointing at me and laughing if I don’t have it on. Plus I’m a showoff and showoffs, do not like being unmade up. It’s a fact. Look it up.

Anyway, cheers to almost 39.

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16 Responses to “What’s in a number?”

  1. You are so young-looking, and you’re such an immature fartface (like me) so CHEERS to 39! We LAUGH in the face of 39! Bwwaaahahahaha!!!! That pic is totally cute, and if I look that good at 39, I’ll be so grateful. Course 39 is still a LONG WAY OFF for me….being a baby and all…..

    *runs and hides*

    Love ya!

  2. We sure do laugh in the face of 39…….and you’re not crazy, really, you’re not. Muahahahahaha.

  3. You have a fabulous complexion!

  4. You Rock Sassy!!!
    I just hit the big 30 and well I was a little uneasy at first but it ain’t so bad afterall…lol. I refuse to cover my evergrowing head of GREY hair. I figure if I am getting them I must be meant to have em’. Grow old gracefully!!
    You are beautiful even if you are older than me…..lmfao

    **runs and hides**

  5. Oh my God! That’s what you look like without makeup?!! In some ways I like it much better than some of the other pics that I have seen of you (and I have loved all of those). You look fresh and young and sweet. Really. I’m not one to gush. It’s a nice pic (and I think that you know that). I just turned 48 on the 1st and quite frankly I feel as if my life is about to begin. 39? What’s that? Just think of all life that has happened to you in 39 years. Even if you die younger than the average woman, that means that you more than likely have at least another 39 to go. That’s a LONG time. You are SO young! And so am I. We rock!

  6. Girl, you don’t look anywhere near 39. Hell, you don’t even look anywhere near 30.

    You’ve got nothing to worry about turning 40. Plus I hear that they start to make you wear adult diapers ’til at LEAST 45, so you’ve got a few more good years.

    *hides behind Karen*

  7. Heck you are beautiful! And cheers to 39!

  8. I’d do ya…

  9. you definitely don’t look 39 to me!

  10. You look so young! you have great skin.

  11. Not only you look younger han 39,you are so pretty that ou shouldnt wear make up…..wow

  12. Hey I thought 40 is the new 20. I’ll be 40 in 2 years and i’m gonna live it up.lol

  13. would not guess 39 at all! look much, much younger…not that 39 is old at all.

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