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June 7, 2006

Okay, so here’s my drivel news. Did anyone miss me while I was gone? Anyone? Hello? Bueller? Well okay, I just didn’t post for a couple of days, but still.

Anyway, I’ve been busy sitting on my ass being creative, so I’ve not had time to post. You know how it is.

Oh guess what? Paris Whoreton Hilton has her new shit music video out. I was really too lazy to post the link for you but honestly, if you saw/heard it, you’d just want to shoot yourself anyhow. So I’m doing you a favor and saving your life. I’m betting there’s no vocal enhancement there. Oh and she’s so creative. We’ve never seen a music video with a bimbo romping around half naked on the beach sucking face with a manwhore. There’s a new concept.

My 18 year old got a new job…it pays him $2.00 more per hour! Way to go bizatch! Ya, we call each other loving nicknames all the time. Warms the cockles.

I took my husband with me today to go grocery shopping. *Note to self…don’t do that*. We get to the check out and the cashier asks us how many bags we want. My hubby says, “I want 47″. Cashier looks frightened and asks him if he’s sure. She then looks at me. I tell her he’s being an ass and we really want 10. She giggles nervously and hands him 10 plus a few extra. I guess she wanted to make sure he’d not speak to her ever again. I swear you can dress him up but you can’t take him anywhere.

I’m dreaming of getting a new camera. Problem is, I’m not quite rich enough to get it. And by ‘not quite rich enough’, I mean I’m too poor to get it. However, I think the magic money fairy is going to buy it for me. No, I’ve not been smoking crack. We all know that there’s really a magic money fairy but she’s got a waiting list. She’ll get to me when she can. *Blink. Blink. Blink. Blink*

There is some show on tv right now…hosted by Ricky Lake (I thought she fell off the face of the earth but apparently not). It’s game shows revisited or some such shit. Tv’s has beens are the contestants. At least their winnings are donated to charity. *Yawn*

I made soft shell tacos for supper tonight. My kids were a tad fearful that I was cooking but since they were hungry, they decided to be brave and eat them. They did, however, have a jug of milk and a box of cereal just incase.

Oh I got a wrong number today but it wasn’t nearly as fun as my last one. I pray for wrong numbers every day now so I can have a little spice added to my life. Sitting around and eating bonbons and getting foot massages just doesn’t cut it in the exciting department.

And last but not least, I must give a shout out to Kentucky Girl. I wanted to give her a high five on her ‘sassy’ comeback the other day. She so rocks. I would have posted this sooner but as I just mentioned, I’ve been eating bonbons and getting my feed massaged so I’ve not had the time really. You go girl!

Alright, time for me to eat icecream do something constructive. If I’ve put anyone in a boredom coma, I’m very sorry and I’ll try to do better next time.

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7 Responses to “Extra, extra, read all about it.”

  1. hey ummm… whassup with the strike-out line alllll the way thru your blog? or is it just me seeing that???

    And I’d rather be stuck with a long hard shit up my ass than have to sit thru Paris Hilton singing… I’m just sayin.

    Kentucky Girl so totally slapped that girl. Love it- what was up sweeties ass anyway. My oh my!

  2. Hey. Just stumbled across your blog, and by stumbled I mean I saw some pictures of my friend Matt and, voila. I simply must say that I am at school right now laughing myself to an untimely death because of your entries! So, yes, mad props to you (I’m a drama nerd, thus props), and au revoir for now!!! (I’m in French class with Matt)

  3. “my feed massaged” Yeah… We know you need your feed… But Massaged? Ok then… ROFL..

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  5. HeeeHawww….that witch made me mad the other day. hehehe

  6. Excellent, love it!

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