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Summer stuff.  And I hope this doesn’t get eaten.

June 8, 2006

Blogger has been not so user friendly the last couple of days, at least to me anyway. They must be hungry because they keep eating my posts. Or perhaps it’s because my ramblings were shit and they were saving me from embarrassment.

Summer is fast approaching.

My kids are going to be done school in about 2 weeks. I’d better stock up on booze. Wait, I don’t drink. Maybe I should consider it. If I’m smashed slightly tipsy, then the crayon on the walls, the huge wads of toilet paper in the toilet, the spilled juice boxes, the whining, the unmade beds, the blaring tv with absurd cartoons playing, the chocolate pudding smeared on the cabinet doors, the milk left out on the counter, the fighting and the dishes piled high in the sink, won’t bother me so much. And that’s just my teenagers. Lord help me with the younger two.

I’m trying to think of things to keep them somewhat entertained some of the time. How many trips to the park can one person make before they want to drive rusty nails in their eye sockets? I’m thinking sending them to the park by themselves is out. Especially if I’m going to take up drinking.

I think we’re going camping this summer at some point. Won’t that be fun? I’m still trying to figure out how I can get my air conditioner to work in the tent. And where exactly does one use the bathroom? I’m pretty certain tents don’t come with indoor plumbing. And does one tent hold 7 people? I really have more research to do I think. Or maybe just checking into a hotel would be best.

I’ve signed my daughter up for swim lessons in July for 2 weeks. So that means for 2 weeks I have to get up early and out the door by 8:30am. Surely I must have been on the bong when I did that. Why couldn’t one of the older kids teach her to swim? I could print a ‘you did great honey’ ribbon off the computer. Why do I always think of these things after I’ve already paid?

Thank the Lord I get a break in August. A bunch of us crazy bizatches will be hanging out for a week, acting like asses ladies, eating so much shit we’ll blow up lots of lean meat and veggies and drinking plenty of alcohol water. We’ll get to bed at 4:30am a decent hour and laugh so much we’ll need adult diapers a little. I can’t freakin’ wait.

I guess I’d better enjoy the last 2 weeks of freedom before the fruit of my loins are home full time. Give me strength.

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10 Responses to “Summer stuff. And I hope this doesn’t get eaten.”

  1. I don’t envy you. Well not for your summer anyway – but I do think you’re really pretty. :)

  2. My kids have been out of school for 2 weeks now and I am already looking for the rusty nails…

  3. Ack, my girl has five more days of school left and my husband is a teacher….his last day is tomorrow….ack!

  4. we all feel for you… all the very best ;)

  5. LOL Nathaniel has been out since May 18th and the other two since June 1st…..where is the rusty nails and some good booze;)

  6. Yeah, Blogger is definitely being an ass lately. On the camping front – I made it very clear to my husband that I do NOT camp. Ever. It’s only hotels for this princess.

  7. I don’t plan on ever sleeping in a tent again. Every time I have, it’s rained at night and I woke up soaked!

  8. Great post. In the immortal words of Bluto Blutarski “My advise to you is to start drinking heavily.” You should listen to him … he’s pre-med … orpre-law, whatever.Thanks for the visit and kind words. Good luck babe.

  9. Mine is off to visit his grandparents. Lucky me!

  10. Oh yes, the joys of parenting, unrelenting

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