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June 14, 2006

This is me. This is what I’m thinking: Oh Lord I’m being made to cook for my family. Don’t make me do that. I suck. But I’m cute. So it all even’s out in the end.

Here’s my feet. On the wall. Because that’s where you normally put your feet. On a wall. I am Spiderman. Oooooor am I? I think it’s the booze talking.

Here’s my feet again. This time on the floor. I’m wearing my favorite jeans. I love my ass in them. But I posted my feet instead. Aww shucks.

This is me again. Like you didn’t know. Anyway, I’m thinking: I love when my kids whine. It makes me get this look on my face. It’s the ‘give me some good drugs, tie me up, punch me in the face and cart me away in a white jacket’ look. I think it’s a nice look. For a crazy person.

Happy HNT.

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25 Responses to “Mishmash, hodgepodge, goofy…HNT.”

  1. You are one beautiful redhead and it takes one to know one. ;) LOL

    Happy HNT sweetie

  2. You have the most gorgeous hair! HHNT!

  3. Saassy you look so sexy,nice,mysterious,good bad and kind….i am getting addicted….


  4. You’re right, it IS a very nice look for a crazy person. Hell, for that matter as crazy people go (and I know and am related to many a crazy folk) you are friggin drop dead gorgeouse. I don’t think that would be any differant if you were sane, just less fun. And if you really need someone to cart you off, I have some…ummmm…”treatments” in mind for ya.
    p.s. I’m back up and running

  5. Fabulous pics!


  6. Yes but you look EVER so hot! HHNT!

  7. great series of shots! Cheers and Happy HNT!

  8. oooo- I see toe rings!

    Dig the walls, those are what your hubby will be climbing when we invade in August right?? mwauahahahaaa!

  9. I only have one child that whines, and Lord, it’s all I can do to handle that! I couldn’t imagine two or more right now! How do you break them of that habit anyway??

    Happy HNT!!

  10. nice entry! :-)

  11. I love the feet shots. Your toes are cute. I’d love to post these or others on my blog?

  12. Oops, somebody told the foot guy where you were…

    Hah, Happy HNT, cutie pie!

  13. Nice HNT and that hardwood floor rocks.


  14. Pretty cool. You have great lips.

    Happy HNT!

  15. Great picts …Have a great HNT
    Take a peek at my HNT

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  17. Beautiful redhead and I LOVE the look of barefeet in jeans…soo sexy.


  18. Oh my …. you’re beautiful. *convulse*

    And damn, you have sexy feet and sexy eyes and hair!

  19. What a beautiful face. I love the color of your hair – very beautiful. HHNT!

  20. I love your hair. Happy HNT!

  21. You’re too weird.
    Therefore I like you.
    Keep it up – if you can maintain it.
    Nice one.

  22. Great pics, I love it when the “booze” talks.
    I need a drink…

  23. Great choice! I’ll take a pic of those sexy toes and gorgeous feet everytime. Love the red hair too!

  24. Sometimes I think it would be relaxing to be tied up in one of those white jackets.

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