Oh My Gawd Sodagirl!
I couldn’t choose…HNT.

June 28, 2006

Being the freak sweetheart that I am, I couldn’t decide if I wanted to leave the picture in color or have it in b&w, so I did both. See, isn’t it great to be able to have the freedom to create what I want, when I want? Ya, I thought so. Happy HNT.

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25 Responses to “I couldn’t choose…HNT.”

  1. The 2 tone is actually very nice. Cheers and Happy HNT!

  2. You’re beautiful no matter what colors the pictures are! :)

  3. I am not sure which I like better either. You are beautiful in both.

    Happy HNT to you!

  4. HHNT!

  5. tough call. Both are pretty.

  6. Very creative! I really really like this :) HHNT!

  7. That is nifty! Happy HNT!

  8. Fabulous dahlin’!!!

  9. Lovely, I wanta learn how to do that! HHNT!

  10. Beauitiful… in monochrome and color.

    Happy HNT to you

  11. very nice I really like your beautiful green eyes!!


  12. Whatever Sassy

    You are so so pretty



  13. Both lovely, but your hair’s such a gorgeous colour it’s a shame to lose it.

    Happy HNT x

  14. Sassy, great idea and beautiful image. The colour only serves to attract attention to your stunning eyes.

    Happy HNT sweetie ;)

  15. here is to autonomy

  16. I say b and w, but you know and I know (after reading your posts), that you are going to do what t he hell you want…
    So funny! Thanks, I needed some laughs


  17. I think it’s a shame that your vibrant colors take up so little of the image. Pretty picture nonetheless

  18. Both is often a good choice.

  19. I like the color better – just because you have beautiful hair. Happy HNT Sassy!

  20. Wonderful! :-) HHNT Sassy!

  21. i think it looks kick ass! great choice!

  22. ahh jeesh I could of sworn I posted here already.
    hmmm, perhaps I shouldn’t have dipped into your stash girl, I’m forgetting shit all the time.

    Love the pic and the stuff you did. Gawrsh, your so artsy.

  23. umm what does HNT stand for?

  24. yeah..what does it mean? ive been reading a lot of posts that says happy hnt and i still don’t have a clue. anyway, i think u look beautiful on that shot. u look so mysterious and sexy..i like it better b&w. hot moms like you should go meet equally hot dads at webdate_dot_com.

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