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July 31, 2006

Crazy Lazy days of summer.

Hey, I totally survived staying in a cottage! I think maybe because it had indoor plumbing, a washer and dryer and a full size kitchen. Not that I cook per say but because I can watch others cook and then eat comfortably and that’s important to my well being. Plus I could shower and do my hair and makeup and that’s even more important to my well being. The drive there, however, was a little crappy since it started to rain and all of our luggage was in the back of the truck (well except mine because I refused to put mine there and placed it nicely inbetween my children and I’m pyscho pyschic and knew it would rain) and I had suggested to hubby that he get a tarp and he said we wouldn’t need it. Ah huh.
We arrived Friday around supper time and decided to grab a bite to eat and then took the kids down to the beach. The weather was colder there than here in Calgary and quite windy but our rugrats didn’t care at all. They barged towards the water like crazy Storm Troopers and although they were turning a weird shade of purple-y blue, they continued to jump and splash in the cold lake.
While they were out in the water, which they could walk out a long way before it got deep, Ryan noticed the buoys. As we’re sitting up the little hill on the bench, he hollers up to us…”What are those white and blue things”? “Oh they’re buoys”, I holler back. “What? Really”? “Yes honey, really”. “Why are there boobies in the water”? “Ummm no no no, not boobies, buoys.” Sheesh. It starts early.
Miss decided she would play in the sand as well as swim. But she didn’t just want to build sandcastles. Oh no, not my daughter. She wanted to dig for buried treasure. She just knew there was a fancy jewelled filled box waiting to be dug up. We wished her luck.
Between the romps in the sand, the splashes in the water, there was much laughter, amazement that they were really at a real beach, were allowed to stay up late, eat junk, get sand in their pants and get dirty and noone cared.
There were moments of huddling together in towels to get warm only to drop them seconds later to run back to the cold water and pretend there were sharks and alligators in there with them. Well they did really think that there was at first because their dad was having fun yelling “shark” and “alligator” a few times. A 14 year old in a man’s body. You should have heard the screams.
The scenery was so pretty and lush and reminded us of where we’re from originally, so it was almost like we were visiting our home in the east. The kids really had a such a great time that I definately want to rent a cabin next summer and even bring our older offspring, as I think they’d love it too, plus they could cook for me. They weren’t able to come this time since they all had to work. Sucks being an adult sometimes eh?
As the sun was setting, the kids splashed and giggled in the water and my husband looked at me and said, “You’re turning 55 tomorrow right”? He’s so romantic. Oh the crazy lazy days of summer.

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So where’s my money and diamonds?

I’m pretty sure I got a memo one time saying that when a chick turns 39, she gets money and diamonds. And by pretty sure, I mean I was drunk and stoned heard it on the news or something. I’ll patiently wait while you run to the banking machine and the diamond store. *Tapping foot impatiently*

I guess now that I’ve turned 39, I’m supposed to ‘hold’. Hey everyone I’m 39 and holding. Holding onto what? That I do not know the answer to. If and when I figure it out, I will hold a press conference and you’ll be the very first to know. I can tell you care.

Anyway, my birthday was fairly uneventful as far as birthday stuff goes. As I mentioned a few sentences ago, I didn’t get any money or diamonds (as per that memo or the news or the licquer) but I’m hopeful that when I wake up in the morning, my doorbell will ring because there will be a delivery man standing on my doorstep holding my money and diamonds that you’ve all so kindly sent to me. I’ll thank you in advance. Thank you.

Okay, I’m off to bed to get ready for the first day of my last year of my 30′s. Hopefully it will start off really well because you’re all sending me money and diamonds. I smell a hint. Or maybe it’s just poo vapours. I’m not sure. Anyway, I’ve said money and diamonds 863 times, so that means my wish will come true. Yay I’m getting money and diamonds tomorrow. I love that you all love me that much to send such extravagant gifts (money and diamonds, geez do I really have to keep reminding you?), it sure means alot.

Money and diamonds, money and diamonds, money and diamonds…………………….

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