Oh My Gawd Sodagirl!
Short.  And lazy.

July 16, 2006

It’s almost 11am and I’m still in my pj’s. I have fed my young’ens so that’s one thing accomplished. Oh and I turned my dishwasher on.

I really need to get off of my rear and get dressed, make my bed and then get lazy again busy with the rest of my day. I’m not sure what we have planned. Our older moochers children are working (oh come on now, I’m only teasing you if you’re reading this) so it’s just us against the troublemakers wee ones.

I am really fighting the urge to make myself a bowl of icecream for breakfast. Well I guess now, it would be considered brunch, but still. I can hear the Oreo Cookie icecream calling my name from the freezer that stands only mere feet from me. I could have that bizatch out of the icebox in 2.5 seconds or less, scooped out into a bowl in about 4.6 seconds and in my mouth in less than 1. I’m not sure I can fight this battle and win. I want that icecream. My logical self is telling me to eat some oatmeal or a piece of toast but who wants to be logical when there’s some sort of chocolate involved? Not I.

Now my daughter is begging me to give her some. Ummm hello? It’s not even 11am. Sheesh. What kind of person wants Oreo Icecream this early? She’s telling me that she’ll give me a big hug AND a big kiss if I let her have it. What kind of mom lets their young child eat that crap for brunch? Or let’s them bribe their mom with hugs and kisses? Gawd.

Okay this was short and sweet (kinda, with the mention of Oreo products) and now I really must rip my ass away from this chair. Good thing it’s not hairy. Happy Sunday everyone.

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2 Responses to “Short. And lazy.”

  1. Any kind of cereal is very tasty when mixed with ice cream. Since ice cream and milk are related, it is a nutritionally sound breakfast.

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