Oh My Gawd Sodagirl!
She’s her mother’s father’s daughter.

July 24, 2006

I don’t know where my daughter comes up with the things she does, really I have no idea. I guess she takes after her mother father.

After about, oh say, one YEAR, we finally got around to getting the carpet layer dude back to finish the downstairs. He had come last August and did most of it but didn’t finish the hall or the giant area at the bottom of the stairs or over by the bathroom. I’m not quite certain the reason for not completing it all last year but let’s just relish in the fact that it’s done now. Finally.

We get home after our excursion out for the day and the kids ran excitedly downstairs to see the finished results. This is what we hear:

Miss: Wow, it’s so different down here. HOLY SHIT!

Mr B: I don’t like it. I like it the old way.

Miss: No, it looks way better now with the carpet. Holy shit I can’t believe it.

Mr B: I don’t like it. It’s different. (can you tell my 10 year old doesn’t like change?) (Oh and notice my not quite 6 year old has said holy shit twice.)

They come back upstairs and I call Miss over to the table.

Me: Ummm Maddy what did you just say downstairs?

Miss: I was commenting on the carpet getting done.

Me: Ah huh. I’m waiting.

Miss: Oh ya. I said ‘holy shit’.

Me: Right. We heard you. That’s a bad word. The shit part.

Miss: Oh is it? *Blink Blink Blink* I didn’t know that. Wait. Well okay, I did know that BUT I just couldn’t believe how much better the downstairs looked so I felt like I had to say holy shit.

Me: Ah ya, well let’s try to think of a different word when you’re impressed about something shall we?

Miss: Sure.

Later, we’re getting them ready for bed but first, they want to see some of what I video taped on our day out today. Hubby is leaning up against the couch and he’s in a tee shirt and boxers, kinda half sitting, half standing. The kids are waiting for me to turn on the video camera and as Miss turns around, she says to her father:

Miss: Ah dad, look down.

Hubby: What? He looks down to see his, err, ah, manhood starting to peek out a teeny tiny bit from the opening in his boxers. Oooops. Sorry.

Miss: Ah ya, is the donkey trying to get outta the barn dad? What?????

Hubby: Ah, well, err, I guess so. Again, I’m sorry.

We look at each other, burst out laughing, as Miss stands there as serious as the day is long. We’re both wondering where on earth his our daughter comes up with this stuff. We continue watching our video and then hubby puts the kids to bed. After they’re both tucked in, he goes and jumps in the shower. About a minute or so later, Maddy gets up and decides she needs to use the bathroom. Hubby hollers to her and tells her the door isn’t locked so she can go ahead and use the toilet while he’s in the shower. As he’s getting clean, he’s bombarded with questions from Miss GottaKnowItAll.

Miss: Dad, I thought I had to just pee but I’m pooping.

Hubby: Sure. Thanks for the 411.

Miss: Dad, why do I fart when I’m pooping? Why is a fart called a fart?

Hubby: Ah, I dunno. Wishing daughter would have waited to do her business after he was done as not to have to try to answer poo questions.

Miss: Hmmm. I wonder why I sometimes continue farting even after I’m done pooping? I know I don’t have any more poop so why do the farts keep coming? And you don’t know why a fart is called a fart? Dad?

Hubby: No, ah, not really.

Miss: Oh okay. I wonder who decided to call it poop anyways?

Hubby: Are you done now?

There you have it. We just never know what that child will say next. Stay tuned because I’m sure she’s got some more humdingers up her sleeve.

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8 Responses to “She’s her mother’s father’s daughter.”

  1. LMAO thats so cute!

  2. Holly Shit! She looks just like you. I know that’s a bad word but it seemed somehow befitting. And who did call a fart a fart and a poop a poop. And ya know what else I wanna know? Who decided what bad words are bad? I mean really, what’s the differance between “shit” and “poop” anyway? Cause “Holly Poop” just doesn’t sound as good.
    We need some research here people…

  3. heehee gotta love those inquiring minds huh?

  4. Oh Sassy, even though I nevermet her, I just love Maddy!! she makes me laugh so hard I get tears in my eyes!! Thanks

  5. Finally I got here to comment!!!! WOO HOO! Aren’t you happy now? I’m so sure you are…lol!

    Okay, Maddy? TOO FREAKING FUNNY. Holy shit.

    And that picture? Holy shit.

    You’ve got a real ham on your hands.

  6. I just love reading your posts! you just never know what is going to go on in your life with children. Thanks for sharing.

  7. You won! Go get your award!

  8. Funny as…

    MissB (just turned 9) doesn’t ask too many questions anymore. If I ask her any, I just get “Sorry, no more questions”, as if she’s a bloody politician or something!

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