Oh My Gawd Sodagirl!
Well lookie here now.

July 26, 2006

I once won $50 bucks on a scratch card. I also won bingo one time and was awarded $23. I won a stuffed animal at a fair a long time ago. And now? Now? Now, I’ve won an award people! Can you believe it? I won The Really Fucking Stupid Blog Awards. Isn’t that fabulous? My catagory was ‘blogger most likely to have a fake tooth (or teeth) . And Lord knows I gots me some fake too-fers. I’d like to read you my acceptance speech.

*Ahem, clears throat* I’d like to thank God. I’m not sure why, but that’s what all them there celebrities do on them there award shows say, so fuck it, I’m sayin’ it too.

I’d like to thank Karen because she sent in my nomination. She loves my fake teeth. And my fake tan. And my fake boobies. Oh wait, I haven’t gotten around to getting the fake tits yet. But I know she’ll love them when I do get them.

I’d like to thank all the fans out there, who took the time out of their busy day to vote for me. You love me. You really love me. Gosh, I just wet my pants.

I’d also like to say congratulations to all the nominees and a special holla to my buddy Ozy, who won for the Ultimate Comment Whore. Now that’s a title. Congrats Dan! (He does write some kick ass poetry). Check him out!

Okay, I’ll be back later but right now I’ve got to find my tiara and feather boa and put them on because I’m a popular bizatch for the day. You know ’cause of my fake teeth an’ all.

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6 Responses to “Well lookie here now.”

  1. you are a pimp-ass whore! i LOVE this!!!!! and please, please, please, archive the tar-twat incident. priceless! you go!

  2. You rock, bitch.
    Love, me

  3. If you can’t find your tiara and boa you can barrow mine when I’m done (been whearing them as I too am a winner of an RFSB, or as I like to call it, a Rubbie). You may have to clean the spirit gum off of the tiara as being that I have no hair I had to glue it on. The boa is a green but its a rich green so I think it won’t clash with your tones too much.
    Just to let you know I voted for you. I think you got the most coveted award of the whole shooting match. Everyone wants to be the fake tooth person. (Well, that and the Elvis impersonater award.) I think it has something to do with Dr. Goldtooth from the Muppet Show.
    Damn, I really must be a comment whore. Look at all the shit I am writing about some really fucking stupid awards.
    OK, I’ll just shut the whore up.
    Bon chance.

    p.s. Save a spider…

  4. Congrats!!
    what a funny award!

  5. Now Sassy don;t be stealing my freakn’ tiara, its mine all MINE!!

  6. all right! I gots me a fake toof too! Fake toofers unite!

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