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Do I talk too much?  Meh.

August 16, 2006

We went to Future Shop last night so Matt could ‘drop his mad chedda’ and buy himself a laptop. As we’re standing around waiting for a sales person, I told hubby that we needed new phones.

Hey honey, we really need phones.

No we don’t.

Ya we do. Really. The second handset doesn’t work at all now and the other one is on it’s last leg.

When did you buy them?

I don’t remember.

Yes you do. You bought them about 6 months ago.

Okay, well so? They’re messed and don’t work worth shit.

Well they would if you didn’t abuse them.

Abuse them? What do I do? Beat the snot out of them? Run them over with the van? Drown them in the tub? What pot you smokin’ boy?

I’m not on any drugs. You’ve put 3 years worth of talking on those phones and they’re only months old. That’s why they suck now. They’re worn out.

Worn out?

Ya, worn out. Because you talk to Karen 831 hours a day, that’s why.

Ummm like there’s 831 hours in a day freak.

Trust me, if there were 831 hours in a day, you would totally talk to her that long.

Anyway, he bought me the phones I wanted. I guess he didn’t want to deprive me of my crack cocaine friend time.

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9 Responses to “Do I talk too much? Meh.”

  1. Thank God! And Thank Future Shop!

    Oh…thank Anthony too. Yeah, him.

  2. hey at least your phone didn’t call for help!
    the sheriff showed up at my house one day last week.
    apparently in its dying breath it managed to call 911.

  3. 831 hous a day! I love that!

  4. 831 hours in a day…
    Gotta love guys… They just throw numbers at you for validity…
    But 831 hours???

  5. Ha! You should go for a whole video conferencing system.

  6. That is one well trained husband.

  7. Nothing like an impulse purchase at an electronics store… oh wait, you had that planned. You know on some planet the day is 831 hours long. That would totaly suck as it would mean a 1350 hour work week.

  8. This our first time meeting? Thanks for commenting at my blog.

    We just got new cell phones because our old ones were pretty “worn out”, too. (They were crappy free ones to begin with.) :)

  9. Do they have support groups for impulse shoppers? Who would I call?
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