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Streamers, balloons, girls and giggles.

August 19, 2006

Six. six. Six, errr, maybe we’ll just stick with one six. I can’t believe my youngest is now six and will be going to school in the fall full time. Although I’m excited for her (and me, ha ha), I think I might have a twinge of empty nest feelings and the first few days of the new school year will be weird, being here all by myself.
Maddy’s party went very well and the whole day in general was good. I took my kids shopping a couple of days ago to buy party favors to do up the kids’ bags and my princess daughter just had to have a crown to go with her birthday dress. I guess that’s standard procedure when one is royalty, even if only in one’s head.
I spent part of my morning blowing up balloons and tying ribbons to them so I could tape them to the wall. Always looks festive and fancy right? I couldn’t find any pink ribbon to go with the pink balloons and pink table cloth so green it was. I doubt her royal heiness and her friends would notice or care. But, of course, my daughter wanting things to match, did notice. She of course had to put her two cents’ worth in.
The cake was delicious even if the frosting was sweet enough to put an elephant into a coma. There was only one small piece left at the end of the festivities.
I like to pride myself on being creative and handy, especially in a pinch. So when the wrapping paper I bought was not enough to completely cover the Dora dollhouse we bought Maddy, I of course, used Home Depot flyers to finish it off. Looks purdy don’t it? Need some paint for your house?
Princess Madison invited 6 girls and 2 boys and 2 of her brothers were here as well. The younger boys hung out in Ryan’s room most of the time (Lord forbid they should all hang around and associate with the girls) and the girls stuck together like glue playing with the awesome makeup kit (hint hint) that Ang bought for Maddy. It was definately the hit of the party. I know a certain adult that liked it too. Not mentioning any names.
The party wound down around 4pm and the kids all had a really nice time, all got along wonderfully and everyone was well behaved. Even Penny. Ha ha.

Note from Maddy: Thank you for coming to my party. I had 2 pieces of cake. I like my ‘makeover’ kit. I’m going to give my mom a makeover because I think she needs more glitter on her face and arms. I have a Kim Possible charm now. I have Kim Possible clothes. But I didn’t get those for my birthday. Well I did buy one pair of Kim Possible pants with my own birthday money last night. But it wasn’t exactly money, it was on a gift card, so it’s kind of like money or a credit card. My mom has a credit card with a lady bug on it. It’s not a real lady bug though, so don’t think it is. My mom loves pink stuff. I do too. My brothers don’t really like it. Well my one brother does. But not my other two. I think they like blue. But I’m not totally sure on that. I’ll have to ask them I guess. ***Ah Maddy, could mom interrupt here? Let’s wrap this up shall we? Thanks*** Okay my moms says I have to wrap this up, but not wrap it up like a present though. I think she means she wants me to put a lid on it. So I guess I better go and I’m going to ride my new scooter. I got that for my birthday too. I also bought that with my gift card. I had $45 all together. But not in money, just in the gift card. I think I already talked about that. Okay my mom is giving me weird looks as she is typing this so I had better stop talking now. Anyway, thanks for coming to my party. Oh wait, I said that. Okay now my mom is getting out the duct tape. Bye bye.

Holy, can a person get a word in here or what? Happy Birthday Maddy, my little princess! You can view more photographs HERE.

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3 Responses to “Streamers, balloons, girls and giggles.”

  1. Love your homemade wrapping paper! I’m a big fan of wrapping things in tin foil.

  2. I usually just use the ad or newspaper for the whole package lol.

    I love the note from Maddy….very funny.


  3. Happy Birthday Maddy! Sounds like you had fun!

    Love the note! LOL!
    Love Karen

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