Oh My Gawd Sodagirl!
I’m truly frightened.  Hold me?

August 22, 2006

I should really reconsider staying up late and channel surfing. Really, really, really. As I was sitting on my duff, big, chocolate fudge brownie healthy apple in one hand and tv remote in the other hand, I came across a very weird and disturbing cartoon. I was horrified and mesmerized all at the same time. Who created this show? Surely it must be someone with a giant drug problem creative imagination. It skeered me.

We first meet this guy, who I think is the planet (I don’t want to say city because it looks more like they’re on freakin’ Mars or YourAnus) retardo. He doesn’t really speak in full sentences but from his grunting, you can ascertain that he wants to save something or someone. His retardo horse looks upset that he’s wearing a glowing greenish blue saddle. Or perhaps it’s because he’s just got big open circle’s for eyes. I dunno.
Then, all of a sudden, we see a nekid chick, who has definately pissed off the ‘blue men’ and they are trying to cart her away and are yelling obsceneties at her. She in turn asks one of the blue men to ‘make love’ to her. Whatever floats your boat sista.
Next, we see Liberace. I don’t know if his name is actually Liberace in the show but let’s just say he was very animated and flamboyant. Very. He was screaming at big boobied nekid chick that he loved her like his cousin (huh?) and she had no right to leave him and his ‘kingdom’. I don’t know if he’s a king but he definately fit the profile of ‘queen’.
BB Nekid chick escapes from the blue men and comes back to Liberace and calls him a bitch. He calls her a ho and then they begin to fight over this stick thing and continue with the insults and start trying to claw each other’s eyes out. Sounds like a blind date I had one time.
They continue to fight for the next 10 minutes and at this point, I should have just turned to another station but no, I couldn’t bring myself to flip it to Much Music or watch CSI reruns. It was scary yet like the proverbial train wreck and you just can’t look away.
We again see planet retardo and he’s lovin’ on some blonde chick who thankfully has her hooters covered up unlike her slutty co-star. Then the camera pans down and blondie, although wearing some kind of bikini top, is not wearing pants. Or panties. Or floss. Or anything. Just her cartoon beaver hanging out for all of the blue men and me to see. Thanks for that.
We get to see a close up of her cartoon ass crack (bet she finds a long hair of hers every now and again, caught in that said ass crack) as she bends down to pick up this green ball that everyone and their freaked out horse has been searching/fighting for all throughout the show. Apparently it has some kind of magical powers (maybe it produces clothes for these freaks to wear) and they all want a piece of it.
Finally at the end of the nightmare show, some big blue man wearing a fugly green shirt finds the glowing ball and starts laughing hysterically. I’m not sure what significance that holds but at this point I just don’t care and wanted to run and hide in my closet with my daughter’s stuff bears. I’m not sure if this show is a continuing series and airs every Monday night at around 12:30am but I can assure you I’m not about to find out.

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16 Responses to “I’m truly frightened. Hold me?”

  1. Taylor walks in as I see the na-ked cartoon chic and says, “I see somebody’s booty!” And then she tells me, “I know what you’re doing!” (Meaning she sees me typing this!)Ha!

    Cute cartoon!???!!

  2. Oh my gawd. Really.


    You had to put that part in about head hair in the ass crack, didn’t cha? Couldn’t keep that conversation of ours to yourself, could ya? Is nothing sacred?

    Yes people, sometimes the hair on my head somehow ends up in the crack of my ass. It’s a weird thing, and I promise I don’t stick my head between my legs and shake. Though my hair IS gorgeous, so maybe I’ve been shaking my head like a hair commercial too much.

    Thanks for spilling my secret, bizatch.


    Nanna nanna boo boo!!

  3. I have no idea what you’re talking about. Do I know you? Like my hair gets in my ass crack. Whatever. You must have me mistaken for someone else. My evil twin perhaps? Blink. Blink. Blink.

  4. Stacy, it’s not cute, it’s scary. Don’t let the pretty colors lure you in. That’s what happened to me. They hypnotized me. And now I’m wanting to run around nekid with blue men. It’s very very scary. Muahahhahahaaa

  5. OMG… I am pissing myself laughing here… What kind of stuff do they have here on tv.. Nice… rofl..
    Hair in your ass crack eh girls.. Good one..

  6. Whoa. What channel were you watching? And were those ‘special’ brownies you were eating?

  7. Hmmm maybe sweatpantsmom has a point about the brownie thingy, but she does have photos…Haha another good read!! Sassy your the most.

  8. lol! was that on Adult Swim? I have a feeling it wasn’t on Nickelodeon… ;D

  9. Must be a Canadian T.V. thing!!! LOL

  10. I wish I could get channels that show that stuff. I’d sure have more fun surfing channels!

    That is rather screwed up! LOL

  11. That’s a scene from Heavy Metal, an animated R-rated anthology movie. It’s like five different stories that all center around the green ball which is like a Cosmic Plot Advancer.

    You might not have noticed, but John Candy does the voice of the musclebound hero guy.

  12. Somehow I wanted to believe it was a special herb in the brownies lol but what kind of tv was that? I gotta tune into adult swim more often. lol

  13. That was like one of my favorite all time movies. It had sex and drugs and violence and corruption and sex and nudity and sex and more violence and nudity and sex and a bunch of big bare boobies and sex
    and Ummmm

    Did I mention sex?
    and nudity

    I bet you can’t guess the target adience…

    p.s. I even have the soundtrack. It has like Black sabbath and Sammy Hagar and Cheap Trick and even Devo…

  14. Sounds like some of the parties I went to when I was younger…

    Seriously, that’s just a tad bizarre.

  15. thats pretty fucked up hun but why am I not surprised Oz knows all the goods on it??

    oh and I’m lovin Ryan shakin his groove thang!

    oh and asshair… yeah those tend not to build up if you stop blogging and shower once in a while


  16. Okay the fact that some of you are familiar with this show, makes me even more terrified. It’s a series? Oh god. And Ozy sweetie, I should have known you’d heard of it and loved it. Why does this not shock me? Hahahahaha. I’m never channel surfing again late at night. Okay that’s a big lie because I did last night at 2am but didn’t find anything nearly as scary as that show. Hold me.

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