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You want special?

August 30, 2006

What’s a trip to Burger King without a fooked up order? And some moronic staff to go with it? Nothing baby, nothing.

I took my oldest son and his gf to Wally World last night to do some shopping and on the way home we stopped at BK to bring home some grub for ourselves and hubby. We placed our orders, waited, and left without incident. Or so I thought.

We get home and as I’m taking things out of the bag, my husband says his order is wrong.

What’s wrong with it?

Well the poutine has no gravy on it.

No gravy?

Ya, no gravy.

Well that sucks. I’m going to call them and let them know.

Tell them to deliver some gravy to me.

I’m pretty sure they won’t do that.

Oh and my burger is wrong.


I called and the phone rang about 15 times and noone answered it. I hung up. Waited a few minutes and called back. Again noone picked up but this time there was voicemail, so I left a message and asked if the manager could call me back in the morning. Left my name and phone number obviously.

The phone rangs this morning at 8:30. Goes like this:


Hi, I calling from Burger King. I got your message. I’m looking for Iman.

Iman? I’m pretty sure I’m not a tall, gorgeous, black super model married to David Bowie.


Ummm, well I was the one who called you last night and left the message. I’m Lechelle. Because Iman and Lechelle practically rhyme.

Oh okay. What the problem?

My order was messed up. I ordered poutine and there was no gravy on it. Gravy is a key ingredient to poutine.

You order special?

Pardon? Special?

Yes, special.

No, I just ordered a Whopper meal, with poutine. Nothing special really.

Okay what was wrong?

It. had. no. gravy. on. it.

Okay, that it?

No, my husband’s burger was supposed to be a Whopper, with cheese, only lettuce and onions. It had all the other stuff on it.

What stuff? The special?

I’m not sure what ‘the special’ is. It wasn’t anything special. Just a Whopper with only lettuce and onions.

Okay and what was wrong?

It had everything on it. Didn’t I just frigging say that?

Okay, what wrong? What’s wrong? Apparently you have the mental capacity of a stale donut.

I ordered poutine. It had no gravy on it. I ordered a Whopper with only lettuce and onions and it had everything on it. I didn’t want everything on it. I’m being Punk’d right?

You have your receipt?

Yes I sure do!

You want to come in now?

At 8:30 in the morning? Ummm no. I ate BK less than 12 hours ago, so I’m good thanks. But next time I do want BK, I’m going to bring my receipt and I want a free meal.

Okay, I give you free meal. Damn freakin’ right you will.

So your name is Iman? I write that down.

Yup, sure Iman. You spell that L-E-C-H-E-L-L-E. Forget anything you may have learned in phonics, phonics sucks and doesn’t work.

Okay, you come in with receipt and I give you free. I’ll give you free, a free punch in the ass.


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12 Responses to “You want special?”

  1. You gave me the giggles when you relayed this one on the phone. Good God. Perhaps the manager of Burger King should work somewhere else. Uh duh.

  2. Sounds like our freakin’ Taco Bell. I have NEVER EVER gotten a correct order from them. EVER. And I call up and say my order is wrong:

    Him: Yes Mees, what is problem?

    Me: My order is wrong.

    Him: I sorry Mees, you bring back?


    Him: Yes Mees.

    I freakin’ hate them…but the next Taco Bell is like 2 towns over and by the time I’m considering eating fast food, I’m not driving all over hell and creation.

  3. So…what wrong with order again?

  4. What wrong? What wrong? I’m gonna punch you in the ass is what wrong…LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Fucking KG. Now I want fucking Taco Bell and I have no fucking car. Thanks bitch.

  6. Great. Now I was Taco Bell. Thanks alot. Oh wait, I have a vehicle so I can totally go! Ya I suck I know.

  7. Hey I think they all work at Taco Bell, Burger King, Wendy’s, and Kentucky Fried Chicken here too!!! Michigan is close to Canada isn’t it?

  8. Wish I lived in Canada so I could get poutine. That looks tasty!

  9. you think you was taco bell? damn!

    OK, I too got the giggles at the phone version…

    and then you sat thru my “Tank for calling vonage canada” story. Fucknuts.

    They’re all a bunch of fucknuts!!
    says Mel, raising her hands in the air before headed to Subway. At least those bastards get my sandwich right.

  10. Mmm, Subway.

    Gotta go.

  11. having worked at all of these places and several other not as of yet mentioned, I think I should let you in on the secret. all of this is done on purpose. I’ll have you know that the managers and half of the staff at these places (BK in particular) have no less than bachelor’s degree. all of these gratuitisly ignorant exchanges are well calculated to discourage your cintinued pursuit of satisfaction.
    your welcome

  12. OMG only you Sassy… Love hearing the stories..

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