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Welcome to my Freedomland.

September 5, 2006

Lemme ask you, is it so wrong to be so happy that you look demented and crazy and appear to be on ‘something’? No, no it isn’t. Let me tell you why. My children are in school now. Today. There is noone here but me and ma crazy self. Can you freakin’ believe that?
My 18 year old, looking slightly less than impressed about getting up early and out the door by a decent time. As he so eliquently put it today, he’s going into grade 13. And by grade 13, he means, I goofed off last year so I am required to do grade 12 again. But not so unlike his insane gorgeous, redhaired mama, he too, lives in a fantasy land at times and so we’ll let him ramble on about going into ‘grade 13′. Whatever works for ya sweetie. Muah.
Ryan, all set for the big grade 5, proudly wearing his Spongebob attire and a big smile. He’s now letting me photograph him again because I told him his hair was growing back. He hated his new hair cut, which I personally love, and refused to let me take any pictures for the last 2 weeks. He finally relented because I went on and on about how his hair is getting long again. His bangs are not crooked by the way, but he is the proud owner of a cowlick and his bangs always get pushed back, making it appear as if he was barbored by a drunk pirate. Which I’m quite certain my sister in law is not a drunk pirate. At least she’s never said she was.
Maddy, Maddy, Maddy. My last child to go to school full time. Was it wrong of me to push her into the teacher’s arms and run away cackling like an assclown and yelling, she’s all yours until 3:30, good luck? Tell me I’m not alone. Wait. I am alone! Gosh, the possiblities are endless. Endless. I get goosebumps just thinking about it. No, wait, that’s the air conditioning blowing on me giving me goosebumps. Well, anyway, it’s a feeling of pure joy and I will not feel guilty about it one little bit. Weeeellll, maybe one little bit. But for the most part, I’m gonna love it!
I had to post a picture of my oldest son, although not in school, he works full time, so he’s not here either. Noone is. Not a soul. Just me. Alone. I want to do so many things, like go back to bed clean my whole house from top to bottom. I’d better get started. Welcome to my Freedomland.

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13 Responses to “Welcome to my Freedomland.”

  1. WOOT!!! I’m right there with ya baby!

  2. hey, ya wanna trade for awhile? I’ll even blow the ‘ol man, just come and supervise a bunch of red-neck hicks while working for the kings of ineptitude.

  3. Woooohoooooo!!
    Lucky wench.. lol..
    I can’t wait for the day…
    Next Year!

  4. Lucky you! Waiting on bated breath for Thursday here lol!

  5. Okay, could you do me a favour? When Matt gets home. Point at him and say “Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Love, Ash” And tell him that wearing President Bushbrain on your sweater is a definite fashion no-no.

    I understand the “alone,” bit. My 16 year old brother just left for his first day of grade 12 at Crescent, and my mom left for her 7th year working at an elementary school, and I am freeeeee. Until tomorrow when I have to go to work. Bah humbug.

    Have a nice day!

  6. I’m in Freedomland, too. My girls just went back to school today. But, oh – now I miss them.

  7. Ozy, I’ll pass that message along to the ‘ol man but I’m not sure he’s gonna go for it. I’m quite certain he won’t. But I thank you just the same for the sweet offer.

  8. Aisling, I totally pointed and laughed at Matt when he walked in. I’m nothing if not prompt and always follow instructions. hahaha.

  9. Ah, thank-you very much. I would have done it myself, but I needed to discover the point of taking showers in the dark. I learned a lot, which I wrote in an essay-type thing on my blog.

    Conclusion: I wouldn’t suggest it.

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  11. YAY! Welcome to lovely freedom! I have cats and dogs and not kids…but they don’t (usually) talk back that much or require much more than a scratch on the head throughout the day. Heh.

  12. i’m going to assume the 13th grader dyes his hair? lol or is he the black sheep in a family of redheads?

  13. omg, lol I can so picture Matt in that pic & what he had to say.
    Next time I’m here—> no no, when I MOVE there–> we have to hit that shop (the printscreen one)

    I want a hotdiggitydog shirt!

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