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Vanity Lunch anyone?

September 25, 2006

Each day, from Monday to Friday, I pack a lunch for my daughter, who is 6. She’s a pretty easy kid to feed, as she likes a variety of things, which really makes my life easier. And as I keep reminding you, it’s all about me.

And as the picture below depicts, she’s got a good selection in her lunch bag. A sandwich, some chocolate milk, a cheese string, grapes, pudding and a mirror. Yes. You heard me correctly. A mirror. ‘Cause who doesn’t pack a mirror in their lunch bag? All princesses do.

She informed me the other day that she needed to take her purple mirror to school because heaven forbid, she got food on her face and what if she didn’t know it was there and people were making fun of her and she didn’t know why? So she told me that inorder to solve that ‘dilemma’ she would pack her little mirror so she could ‘check out her face’ after eating to make sure everything was ‘fine’. I have no idea where she gets this sort of personality. Must be from her nutty ass mother father. Proof below:

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3 Responses to “Vanity Lunch anyone?”

  1. I think Maddy has a great idea there, I might try it too..but where is the lip gloss?

  2. You’re never too young to want to look your very best!

  3. that is so cute…lol

    no crust for the princess, huh? :D

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