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Joy oh joy.  Or not.

October 3, 2006

I’m grocery shopping the other day and bought some shampoo. But I didn’t buy Pantene shampoo. I picked up some other brand, which I can’t even remember now because honestly, it’s not that important to me. Yes, I love clean hair but am not big on fancy brand names, whatever works.

I get to the checkout and my cashier is Joy. Well Joy sure didn’t bring me any joy lemme tell ya. She’s just about done ringing through all my items, when I look over and see her scanning a big $140 bottle of Pantene (Okay maybe it was only $7 but still).

Ah, that shampoo isn’t mine.

It’s not?

No it isn’t.

She looks to the lady behind me, who is placing her groceries up on the counter. She shakes her head no, to let Joy know, that it’s not her shampoo either. I’m guessing, gee, ya think it could be the lady who was ahead of me? The one who just left? Ya think? Huh?

So this isn’t your shampoo?

Correct. I do have shampoo and it’s right there by the apples. But the Pantene isn’t mine.

So it’s not yours?

No it’s not mine. Is her head filled with, hmmm, I don’t know, shit?

So,ummm, it’s not yours?

By this time, I’m refusing to answer her. Maybe she wasn’t even asking me, maybe those voices in her head were trying to strike up a conversation with her. I dunno.

I pay for my stuff and as I’m pushing my cart out the exit, I glance at my receipt. She didn’t freakin’ take off the Pantene. Okay, now I’m a little perturbed. I wheel my groceries back over to her and stand behind her until she notices me.

Hi, excuse me, you charged me for that shampoo.

I did?

Yes, you did, and you didn’t take it off after I explained that it wasn’t mine.


Oh? Oh? How about I kick you in the ass?

Right, so could I get a refund please?

Yes. And then she just stands there.

Okay, I can wait until you’re done with this customer.

No. I can’t give you a refund. You have to go wait in line at customer service. Then she laughs.

I have to now go wait in another lineup? I’m not laughing.

Yes. Hehehe.

What’s with the hehehe? I give her the evil eye, hoping maybe she’d fart really loud and get all embarrassed and flustered and maybe then she’d let out a big belch and get all embarrassed again, but no such luck. She just continued to look at me and smile. I guess my evil eye doesn’t have magic revenge powers. Fooey.

I walk over to customer service and wait in the lineup. I get up to the counter and Miss Pleasant, asks if she can help me?

Yes, I was charged for some shampoo that wasn’t mine and I’d like a refund please. I hand her my receipt.

Do you have it?

Do I have what?

The shampoo.

No, I don’t have it. It’s not mine so why would I have it? She rolls her eyes at me and lets out a giant ‘you’re annoying’ sigh and then scowls at me.

Geez. Well now I have to go get it to SCAN IT! GEEZ!

Ummm what the hell? Why would I have the shampoo that wasn’t mine? I’m not following this woman and her crazy talk.

She comes back over and she’s still all huffy like it’s my fault that Joy rang in the shampoo that wasn’t mine which I had to state 64 times and then I was supposed to take it anyway because I guess she thought I was a thief which tecnically I wouldn’t have been because I PAID FOR IT.

Oh joy. Or not. I’m taking not. Anyway, guess where I’m going? You got it, grocery shopping. This time I’m picking up 97 bottles of Pantene, scouting for Joy the cashier and then I’m going to let her ring them all in and then I’m going to scream, THOSE AREN’T MINE. Just for fun.

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3 Responses to “Joy oh joy. Or not.”

  1. This time I’m picking up 97 bottles of Pantene, scouting for Joy the cashier and then I’m going to let her ring them all in and then I’m going to scream, THOSE AREN’T MINE. Just for fun.

    Now THAT I would love to see … that would be FUNNY!!!!

    Doesn’t it just seem some days that YOU are the most normal person in the world?
    I thought so!

  2. I refuse to be around stupid people anymore. I once got in a line with an idiot. All my groceries were on the belt. I took them all off the belt because the person was a moron. I refuse to work with them. I don’t speak to them either. I just get my shit and move on from them. Ugh.

  3. I was concidering getting a job at the local grocery store but…I change my mind. I’d probably end up as the annoying cashier in someones blog… heh.

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