Oh My Gawd Sodagirl!
See what 8 pounds of………

October 9, 2006

….makeup can do? And a few days. Well, that’s all I have to say for now since I’m going to bed so I can dream about Brad Pitt lookalikes white, cuddly kittens. Sweet dreams.

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7 Responses to “See what 8 pounds of………”

  1. Looks alot better now….Hugs!

  2. Is that…a dent? :D

  3. Looking Good!!!

  4. Next time hit the pole with the shopping cart and BP with your head. The result may be the same but it would have to be way more fun…
    and possibly more embarressing (which is better for your readers).

  5. sorry I haven’t been reading the past lil bit. I’ve left 3 comments now
    *phew* I feel caught up.

    awww look at that cute lil noggin.

    Glad its better!!

  6. thank god for makeup….lol you’re looking good as new!

  7. Add a dash of Chad to that dream too Sweetie!!! ROFL

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