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Not acceptable

October 17, 2006

My 6 year old daughter has drawn us a ‘feelings’ chart so we’ll know her different looks. As a mom, I’m sure this will come in very handy. Because when she’s on the floor, screaming, pounding her fists, I will surely go to the “feelings” chart and try determine what ‘feeling’ she’s experiencing. Ah huh.

She’s got the usual feelings jotted down, happy, sad, ‘madd’, blue, tired etc. My personal favourite though, is feeling number 8. Her face is serious looking and her mouth is a straight line. Thus, meaning, it’s her ‘not acceptable’ look as she’s so wonderfully written so there’s no confusion on the part of her parents. So when I ask her to go clean her room, she will undoubtly pull out her feelings chart and point to # 8.

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12 Responses to “Not acceptable”

  1. Very clever.

    I wonder if I can make one of those for my kids?

  2. BWHAHAHHAA! That is brilliant – i hope you scrapbook that sucker and give it to her when she has a kid!

  3. Oh….can you send me a photocopy of that. Priceless!

  4. Hmmm, I with the others, make sure you save it and pull it out when she has kids. But you know its so nice of the children to let us know what their moods are..since we have not been studying them since the freakin` minute they were born!!

  5. That is soo funny! You should save this to show her childeren when she has them!! Too cute!

  6. That is freaking hilarious! The picture and your post!

  7. LOL that is just too much…save it for her when she has kids!

  8. LMFAO! I LOVE the not acceptable! Waaahahahaaaaaaaa! I’m totally gonna make Doug a chart so he’ll know my moods. HEEEEEE.

  9. Damn. She should market that. It would very usefull to all parents. I am often confused by the disgruntled looks offered me by my girls, does she have one with the eyes rolling up into her head? What does that mean?

  10. Good god, she is brilliant. Kudos, mom!

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