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Love Thursday: Big kid, little kid.

October 19, 2006

I love this picture. It’s of my oldest and my youngest (I have 2 inbetween, just so you know but most of you do know, but I don’t want them to feel left out and as a mom, the guilt is sometimes overwhelming and this is turning into a story within a story, so now is the time to shut my cake hole and get back to the original story. Whew).

Anyway, today is Love Thursday and I’ve never heard of it (well I’ve heard of Thursday. Ha!) and went to my best friend, Karen’s site, where she was talking about Love Thursday and she told us to go to another site by another Karen and so thus, the chain of events (and not so much a chain of events as a braclet of events since it was a really short ride back to here) that led me here to post about Love Thursday. Holy long run on sentence. Stay away ‘sentence structure’ police. I follow noone’s rules! Bah!

As I was saying, before I was so rudely interrupted. By. my. self. **Blink blink blink**. I’ll tell you why I love that picture. I love it because it’s so pure and random. My daughter wanted her brother to pick her up and so he obliged her and I got lucky and snapped it. She’s the little princess, who, is adored by her older brothers and at the same time, she can annoy each one of them with her constant chattering and her ‘occassional’ tantrum or when things are not acceptable to her (See her chart below for details) but for the most part, she’s the little doll that they all want to love and protect.

I always love the people that come up to me and say, what I consider kinda rude things, things like, ‘wow, what a gap between your kids’. Excuse me? Do I know you? And so? We have 2 older boys and yes, there’s an 8 and 9 year gap between them and Ryan. And then 12 and 13 years between the 2 older boys and Maddy. Again, so? That’s my family and I happen to be quite happy with the way things have turned out. I guess it’s just annoying that they assume things, like, we didn’t really want more kids and Ryan must have been an ‘oops’. Okay, well, he kinda was but very much accepted. It’s not that we didn’t want more kids, it’s just we couldn’t make up our minds and were sometimes on different pages of our family book. There were times that I wanted more kids but hubby didn’t and vise versa. Eventually, some other force was at work (okay, okay, we had sex) and brought Ryan to us, regardless of what page we were on. And in the end, we were thrilled that we were having another child.

We then decided to give Ryan a sibling close to his age, however, our first daughter passed away. We were, of course, devastated. But someone, maybe our angel in heaven, looked down on us and 14 months later, Maddy came along. So that’s our family in a nutshell. And to the people who look down their nose at us, thinking there must be something wrong with us because we didn’t have our kids, like stair steps, all the proverbial 18 months apart, well you can just pound sand (that sounds totally threatening doesn’t it?). We like our family, no wait, we love our family and as the picture above shows, age differences really don’t factor in when it comes to matters of the heart.

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13 Responses to “Love Thursday: Big kid, little kid.”

  1. Very well said dah-ling…I LOVE the pic!

  2. Love it! Your family is very much like my husband’s – mil and fil had two boys – then a bit of an oops 10 years later – then thought “what the hell” and had a fourth. Worked out great for them – now my boys have uncles who are only 10 years older than them.

  3. I’m always amazed at how some people think they can comment on other people’s lives. What has happened to good manners? I guess I’m just a throwback. I loved your picture–you managed to capture a precious moment. Thanks for sharing the memories and Happy Love Thursday!

  4. oh my gawd really?? kidding.

    u’re funny. the photo is beautiful. and I have my kids 18 months apart – people judge me too! ;)

  5. So glad you decided to join the Love Thursday crowd!

    Your picture is wonderful. How sweet that you were able to capture the moment with a picture and not just a memory. She’ll treasure this picture when she’s grown too, no doubt!

  6. Love the picture. And its so rare to get that kind of candid shot.

    Happy LT! Mine’s up!

  7. that is a beautiful picture! you have beautiful childeren!

  8. You know, maybe the problem is you keep your family in a nutshell. I mean, cummon, people are going to draw conclusions. I mean, when I see someones children in a nutshell I figure… well… that they are nuts. And being that I have read your stories about your childrens activities it may be a logical conclusion…
    I’m just sayin…

  9. What a great pic! My brother was 10 years younger than me, and I often think of him as my child, but his children really feel like my grandkids! It is no ones business the who what why or when you have kids, so there ppl, I said it!! Great story & photo Sassy as usual!

  10. Very well put Miss Sassy
    I love the picture

  11. My youngest sister is 16 years younger than me and I have an aunt who is only four years older. doesn’t seem odd to me at all.

  12. Havin spent time with your lil family in your lil home I say that I see nothing wrong in the way you and your husband were blessed!! I saw a family rich in love, full of laughter and smiles, 4 amazing individual children and two parents very much in love with each other and those kiddos. I saw no age barriers, just a connection of the heart.
    Beautiful pic hun.

  13. wow! that really is a gap in ages, but I don’t see anything wrong with it! I didn’t know you were old enough to have a ‘kid’ as big as the guy in the pic!

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