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Love…Ghetto style.

October 26, 2006

My husband comes home yesterday a bit earlier than usual. Our conversation kinda went like this:

Hey, you’re home early.

Yup. I got you something today.

You did? *Me jumping up and down all excited*

Ya, come out to the truck and see.


I walk out and see a big beige-ish/brown-ish metal thing. Oh, it’s a dryer. And not a new dryer. It’s a dryer from the dryer ghetto.

My dryer hasn’t been working well lately. It would normally take 4 times to dry a load of towels. It was like a crap shoot. Sometimes you’d hit the jackpot and the thing would dry your clothes and then other times, you’d go down to the laundry room, expecting to put on your favorite jeans and go out drinking doing nice things for the elderly and then you’d get all disappointed because they’d still be soaking wet. Wet jeans are not fun to put on lemme just tell ya.

I try to act excited but honestly, who gets their panties in a bunch over an older than dirt dryer? But then I decided, well, if the thing works, that should be all that matters. I mean, so it’s really ugly looking. So it looks like someone shit on it. So it looks like it hasn’t been cleaned since the ice age. If it works, then yay.

Hubby gets it all hooked up and anxiously waits for me to put some wet laundry in it. Low and behold, I happened to have some and reluctantly inserted it into the drum. I turn it on. And wait. My husband leaves for an appointment and calls me afterwards.


Well what?

Does it work?


Duh, the dryer.

Oh, yes it does.

It does? Really?

Yes, I swear.

That’s great!

Yes, it is.

I know, I know, it’s kinda ugly but it works.

This is true.

And I only paid $20 bucks for it!

I know you said.

You’re excited about it right?

I suppose I am. I mean it sucks wearing wet jeans. And panties. And socks. And drying off with wet towels.

Well there you go.


So there you have it. Love Thursday, Ghetto style. Thanks honey for thinking of me and my wet panties and bringing home the ugliest dryer on the face of the earth. But it works!

Be sure to click the pictures and read the labels, the dryer totally came like that. I swear. *Looking around*. Oh and I swear I washed the damn thing but that bitch ain’t getting any cleaner than that!

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12 Responses to “Love…Ghetto style.”

  1. Hey at least it works – that’s awesome! It’s fuglier than K-Fed though! LOL!

  2. Hey, nothing a good can of white spray paint couldn’t fix!

    Not only is it a “functioning” dryer, but with the lower panel missing it will also consume small toys, pets and children…and all for $20! Cool!

  3. A Kenmore never dies.

  4. Oh Sassy girl, you always make me laugh!!! Thank You, the workd needs all the laughs it can get.

  5. My love thursday post was about my dryer also. $20?!? and it works?!? That is just awesome. I had to pay 5x that just to get the repair guy to come to my house.

  6. When I was a kid, my dad owned a laundromat, so all of our own laundry equipment was, you guessed it, coin operated! He would take out the coin slot so we could reach our fingers in to push the start mechanism. Well, one day he brought home a “new” dryer and refused to take out the coin slot–he figured we’d save on our gas bill if we only used the dryer when we had the quarters and hung the laundry the rest of the time. My mom showed him by smashing the thing–we still had to put in quarters, but we could just reach in and use the same 50 cents over and over!

  7. Wow, that IS one ugly dryer. I think they should have paid your husband to take it off their hands, lol.

    Maybe you could get crafty fashion a swanky skirt for the front.

    Not really. Just kidding, because IT WORKS!

  8. Dude, don’t knock old dryers. Another blogger reported on fixing her 28(!!) year old washer for a song. She had no idea it was that old.

    (Hope the link works)

  9. Oooh, my MIL has one just like it! Enjoy. ;)


  11. Push me bitch! I love it Ghetto dryer to the rescue!

  12. LOL tooo funny Sassy!!! I had a washer I bought for 5.00 at a yard sale and the thing worked forever. LOL I just finally got a new one to match my new dryer.

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