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November 2, 2006

I’m scouring the phone book as we speak to see if Calgary has a Museum of Shitty Animals, so I too, can drop my kids off for 9 hours. Hold on.

Well we apparently don’t have one. Is it Monday? No? Well it sure feels like one. You know, one of those Monday’s that you wish you would have stayed in bed? Ya, well I did. Stay in bed that is, thus, waking too late for me to send my 2 youngest to school. What the hell was I thinking? Clearly, I wasn’t.

I woke at 4am with my husband and when he left at 5am, I went back to bed, knowing I only had about an hour before I had to rise and get my day started and then shortly after, would have to wake my young’ens. Well I either, got really drunk in that hour or I didn’t hear my alarm clock. I’m not sure which happened, but the end result was pretty much the same. I woke in a bewildered state, not sure of my surrondings, a lot fucking loopey little loopey, slightly nauseated, migraine starting and in a general fog of reality.

My daughter immediately starting crying, begging me to take her to school. Ummm no, I don’t even know my own name, or how to put one foot in front of the other, let alone feed you and dress you and pack a lunch and walk you to the school….the right school. I’m sure a squirrel’s fart would have more smarts than I in that moment.

My son, was all happy, and off to play Xbox or watch Spongebob clips from Youtube. My 6 year old scholar was not impressed with her less than average brain function mother. Do you have to be so damn smart child? Do you? Geez.

After about 6 hours 2 minutes, I finally emerged from the fog and somewhat came to my senses and realized, oh shit, now they’re going to be home. ALL DAY. Thank goodness for booze in their milk Playdough and coloring books.

Basically my day has been all discombobbled and weird feeling, because really, who takes a day off on Thursday? Only a mother who oversleeps from her unearthly loud, annoying cell phone alarm ringtone. It’s good tv night people. ER and Survivor. Now my day has been thrown into chaos and oddness and it doesn’t feel like Thursday. It feels like a Christmas break Tuesday. That is just not right. How will I recover? How?

Now my children are doing a whole dance production to the Scooby Doo soundtrack and if my husband had not taken my camera/recorder, I would show you. And then you could step into the insane world of me. And by insane, I mean insane. I’m so not joking.

Is it Wednesday yet? Or is it Sunday? No, Friday? I’m not sure what day it is. Obviously I need more medication information inorder to make a clear assessment.

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2 Responses to “Come join me in my insanity stupour.”

  1. Well, today’s my day off, but if it hadn’t been I would have been late to work, given the fact that I have become ADDICTED to Pokemon (the gameboy game. My 16 year old brother gave me his old Gameboy colour as a going away gift. He has an Xbox and a PS2, so it wasn’t too hard to give me a game system he hasn’t played with in 4 years). Then I spent an hour staring at my own photos to make my incredibly narcissistic (and beautiful) new blog template! Voila! End of day!

    (And ahem, good TV = ER, Grey’s Anatomy and THE OFFICE!!!!!!!!! WHOOT)

  2. I’d have to be delirious to keep the kids home all day if the school was open.

    Glad you made it!

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