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Take the wheel little Johnny.

November 4, 2006

I don’t drink. However, if I were to, say, get shitfaced and I just happened to have my SEVEN year old child with me, I probably wouldn’t ask him/her to DRIVE ME HOME. Good God.

If you read this, you will see a little news blurb of a drunk father, who, figured since he was so smashed, he would teach his 7 year old son to drive. Okay, listen buddy, I can’t even give you credit for not driving drunk because you LET YOUR SEVEN YEAR OLD DRIVE ON THE BUSY HIGHWAY. What is wrong with people? Honestly.

Who goes drinking with their elementary school aged kid to begin with? Maybe my 6 year old daughter and I should go out bar hopping tonight. Whaddya say? Geez.

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2 Responses to “Take the wheel little Johnny.”

  1. that is terrible! that poor kid could have been killed! that dad needs some serious jail time!

  2. Jeeze, what is wrong with kids today, I told that little SOB to stay off of the major highways…

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