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Just one more thing………

November 9, 2006

……..I swear I’m not going to beat a dead horse but I just have to make mention of my new pink hat again. I know I spoke of it just last night but listen, this is huge. Huge.

I was waiting for my daughter to get out of school today and one of her peers, a girl from another class walked right over to me and said, and I quote, “I really like your hat”.

Ummm hello? A 6 year old, who doesn’t know you, walks right up to you and just out of the blue says that, do you know what that means? Knock knock. I’m cool. Cool. I never get tired of saying that. I bet you want to punch me in the neck never get tired of hearing me say it. I mean come on, kids are sharp these days. That little sweetie could point out a heavily medicated lunatic a fashion diva a mile away. I bet she ran home to tell her mom about the old broad trying to look hot and not succeeding pretty mom who is clearly only about 25 and has super fashion sense. Sigh.

In closing, although it was a cold, shitty weather day, it was warm in my heart, hearing that I still got it from a 6 year old. (Listen, I’m gonna take compliments where I can get them, ya hear? So do not rain on my parade.) Thank you.

Did I mention I’m cool? Okay, fine, I’ll shut it. I don’t feel like getting my teeth punched in tonight. Thank you to all who said I looked nice in my pink hat. Even though, you were most likely drinking, I still appreciate it.

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3 Responses to “Just one more thing………”

  1. Well I think it is a really cool (oh gawd this is so going to go to her head)hat and makes you look like a movie star! OK sorry girls, I know her head won’t fit in the hat now!! haha

  2. Love the hat!

  3. I think you and the hat are the BOMB.

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