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Love…bootswatches Hats.

November 9, 2006

I have a few obsessions. Nothing weird, like wanting to lick giant clown noses or anything like that. Purely innocent, I assure you.

I’ve always loved boots and shoes. Like who has enough footwear? Not me. I could own 500 pairs of shoes and boots and never get sick of buying more. I also love watches. Yes, yes, yes, I only have 2 arms and thus, why would I want to own more than, say, 2 watches? Doesn’t matter that I can’t possibly wear 43 watches at once, I just can’t stop buying them. You can’t make me.

I am a purse freak too. I just got this super leopard print purse off of Ebay and it’s so glamorous and that is totally appropriate for me since I’m famous and all. Gotta look the part you know.

My new thing, however, is hats. I love hats. I’ve always loved hats but never would buy them for fear of looking ridiculous. I know what you’re thinking. You do look ridiculous ass monkey. And perhaps that’s true. However, I’m at a point in my life, where, honestly, I just don’t give a shit. If I want to wear a hat and I think it looks good, even though people are surely making fun of me behind my back, so what? I’ll just drop kick you with my drunken karate moves super powers and then you’ll fall to your knees, begging me for my autograph. I’m that cool.

And speaking of hats, I bought a new one today while shopping with a crazyass bitch dear friend. Then after we shopped, we ate at Montana’s with another one of our lunatic wench dear friends. They both said I looked wonderful in my new hat. Nevermind they were sloshed blinking alot when they said it.

Anyway, happy Love Thursday. And if you want to wear a hat today, get drunk first go for it!

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7 Responses to “Love…bootswatches Hats.”

  1. OOh, dang girl. That’s a sweet hat!

  2. You’re so cute in that hat! GORGEOUS!

    P.S. You were nominated in the Canadian Blog Awards! Congrats!



  3. I am obsessed with wallets. Mostly, they end up empty, but I love them anyway. makes me feel like a rich faker.

  4. I’m obsessed with bags. I am upset because in 13 days I must part with my bags for 9 whole months. Sometimes I look in my closet and find a bag and go “WTF? When did I get this?”.

    Whooot. Love Thursday. I am feeling toilet-love in the way you only can after ladies’ night and 2$ highballs. I am having an affair with water and coffee.

  5. It is a very cute hat. I have always loved hats, but except for a very odd victorian bonnet I once tried on, they all look TERRIBLE on me. You are lucky to be able to wear them well! Happy Love Thursday!

  6. cute hat! i love hats too – especially fedoras and newsboy caps. LOVE ‘em.

  7. I love the way you write. It’s so funny. And you look very much a fashionista in that hat.

    Happy LT! I’m up as well.

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