Oh My Gawd Sodagirl!
Don’t step on my pink suede shoes….

November 15, 2006

I love pink. I’m sure even a braindead shrivelled up fart could figure that one out. It’s not rocket science. Anyhoo, I’ve been searching and searching for a pair of pink boots, that are not high heeled since I need something practical for walking while intoxicated my daughter to school.

I had found a pair on Ebay that my bf Karen found for me. She was bidding on the same boots (in a different size). They were adorable! But we both lost out since there was a bidding war and the boots, which started out at around $9 bucks US, ended up being like $45 US plus shipping. Whatever people, you can keep them for that price.

Today, as I’m shopping for booze healthy food for my family, I take a swing over to the footwear section. Sitting there, almost beaconing me, are a pair of pink suede boots, that are very similar to the ones that I had seen on Ebay. My heart starts beating fast (stop snickering), and I slowly walk up to them, as if not to scare them away. Then I decided I should run incase some other freak for pink boots, wants them and snatches them away before I even get to feel them. Stand back people, I will fight you for them.

I pick one up and smell the suede. Gosh it’s a great smell isn’t it? Anyway, my next dilemma is, what if they’re not the right size? I mean there was only one pair sitting there all by their lonesome. I slowly turn the boot upside down to see if there’s a size on the bottom. Yes, yes there is. It says 5. Size 5 girls. Jackpot! I love having feet small enough to wear a girls’ five. It gives me so many more options. Well, not that I’m going to buy Dora footwear anytime soon but you know, they have other great styles that are suitable for an old bat a stylish 75 year old 30 something broad. Aren’t you thrilled for me? Aren’t ya? Huh?

Well I must go spray them with suede protector and walk the walk in my pink suede boots.

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4 Responses to “Don’t step on my pink suede shoes….”

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  2. Well won’t you look fetching in your pink suede boots and pink hat, so cool I’m jealous!

  3. i LOVE them

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