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Love….Good vibrations.

November 16, 2006

I like my cell phone, I really do. It’s all prettied up the way I like it, I have several great ringtones of my favorite songs, there are some cute pics I have as wallpaper on it, it takes pictures and 30 second videos….there’s alot that I like about it.
However, I don’t want to get a room with it. I’m just not that into you cell phone. I’m sorry but honestly, I don’t want that kind of relationship with it. I never will, so stop trying to lure with your sexual advances. It won’t work.
I have never seen a cell phone just start vibrating for no reason. There was no call coming in, no voicemail, no alarm going off, nothing. However, my phone just started vibrating and would not stop. You’ll see below and that’s just a 30 second blurb. It went on and on until finally, I shut the frigger off. I mean really, hang it up already betch.
So on this Love Thursday, I will say, I love you cell phone, just not in that way. Don’t make me betch slap you.

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9 Responses to “Love….Good vibrations.”

  1. Was it good for you?

  2. THAT is weird!

  3. that was just funny … it must have been a glitch …

  4. Like HELL you didn’t slap that badboy in your pocket for at least 15 minutes before you shot that clip.


    It may have touretts. Just sayin.

  5. It must have been me calling to tell you I have been voting like mad for you over at the Canadian Blog Awards: http://cba.myblahg.com/

    Support Sassy’s run for Best Personal and Best Family Blog.

  6. Not only was it vibrating, it was vibrating in pulses. Impressive. Mine doesn’t uh, pulsate when it vibrates.

  7. Yeah, I had to break it off with my cell phone.

  8. Uhm, say…can I borrow your cell phone for a while?


  9. What a naughty phone. You’d better give it a spanking. ;)

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