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Maybe I should go tool shopping more often.

November 21, 2006

My husband and son went to The House of Tools the other day and were telling me about a certain product. It’s called the Caulk Master. Interesting. I’m not sure that’s the best name for a contractor’s product but hey, I kinda like the sound of it. I can see me going into the store now and asking for one.

Hi, I’d like a Caulk Master.

Ah, err, ummm, whew, is it hot in here or what?

Listen Mr Sales dude, are you gonna give me a Caulk Master or what? Because I can go elsewhere if you’re not able to provide me with a Caulk Master.

Ah, no, listen, I’m a Caulk, err, I can show you the Caulk Master, right this way.

Now, how big is the Caulk that comes with it?

It’s, err, a, pretty big, you know, there’s lots of caulk.

Good. Because there’s nothing worse than not getting enough caulk. I hate when that happens. You’re getting all ready to caulk and bam, not enough caulk. I like to have lots.

Ah, sure, right. Can I show you the Caulk Master?

Absolutely! I’d love a demonstration on how to use the Caulk Master. That would be fantastic!

So maybe the next time hubby is heading to the House of Tools, I might just saunter along and see what this Caulk Master is really made of. Ha!

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3 Responses to “Maybe I should go tool shopping more often.”

  1. You are insane in the membrane. Chinese Food tonight?

  2. LOL LOL LOL that was too funny

  3. My friend’s parents work at a hardware store, and they told me all about caulks. Without their teachings, I would have know idea how to caulk.

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