Oh My Gawd Sodagirl!
Ah.  Choooooo.

November 25, 2006

My daughter is 6. And she has a cute nose.
Here we have a bead. A pretty, purple, plastic bead. Lovely isn’t it?
Here we have a certain scenerio. See where I’m going with this?

My child decided yesterday, while her mommy was having a nice little chocolate induced coma sleep cat nap, she would put a shiny, purple bead up her nose. Why you ask?

Mommy, there’s a bead up my nose.

What? Slightly groggy from nap

There’s a bead up my nose.

What? A bead? Huh? Is the house on fire?

No mom, there’s no fire. Just a bead up my nose.

How did a bead get up your nose?

I put it up there.

Why on earth would you do that?

Well, I didn’t know it would actually go up that far. Rolls her eyes, hands on hips.

Oh, I see. Roll eyes right back.

Doctor mom gets a flashlight and tweezers, thinking, well, how hard can this be? I look up her nostril and sure enough, waaaaay back there, is a bead.

Explain to me again why you did this?

It’s a purple bead mom, very pretty.

Ah huh. Why?

I’m not 100% sure. I tried to get it out myself but all I did was push it further in there.

Ah huh. Fantastic.

I try unsuccessfully with the tweezers. We did the holding the one nostril closed and blowing. Nada. Tried the hold the free nostril closed, while mommy performs an inpromptu mouth to mouth session, nothing. Well Miss thought that was funny. Funny, mommy didn’t think any of this was funny. Funny how that is.

My bf Karen, told me to pour 8 gallons of baby oil or olive oil in her nostril, lay her back and then sit her up and it would slide out. Ya that home remedy didn’t work either. Oh and she did change the 8 gallons to maybe 4 or 5 drops. She thought the 8 gallons might be overkill. Wink.

My husband arrives home, I tell him the good news, that we have to head to the ER. That’s what every couple wants to do on a Friday night, sit in a waiting room for hours with your child because she stuck a jewelry making product up her sniffer. I called the ER and the nurse said that we would have to come in but she recommended us finding a clinic that’s open late and that they might be able to remove it there. She told me the ER was backed up and our wait time would be hours and hours and hours. Super. I eventually found a walkin clinic that was open near our home and off we went.

We arrived and waited about 40 minutes. The doctor came in and said he could certainly try to get it out and that he had a pretty good batting average. So, like you do this often enough that you have a batting average? What is wrong with kids? Geez, they’re so immature. Anyway, after about ONE MINUTE, Doctor Amazing fishes out the dreaded purple bead and we heave a huge sigh of relief that we will not have to sit in an ER waiting room until dawn. He asks us if we want the bead. Ah, that would be a big fat no.

My daughter has vowed never to do this again. Oh, and that necklace making kit I bought her for Christmas, is SOOOO going back to Toys R Us. Ha!

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13 Responses to “Ah. Choooooo.”

  1. we had that happen once. only it was a three inch long french fry. up so far we could not see it. yea , that was interesting!

  2. ya… mine was a rolled up piece of paper that I put in my ear… no good… no good at all…

  3. One time when I was little I tried to stuff a penny up my nose – it didn’t work.

  4. My 3 yr old daughter put a small stone up her nose! My wife at the time would not beleive her and wouldn’t call me home from work. When I did get home my daughter told me she had a stone in her nose. I asked my wife what was up and she told me that she must be fibbing. Well I thought my daughter wouldn’t lie about something like that and took her to the ER. When the Dr. finally got to see her he didn’t beleive us either. He looked at me like I was on drugs. You couldn’t tell she had a stone up her nose, because she was talking very normal. Well when he went to shine a light up Alisha’s nose she got very scared and started to cry hard and out popped a little stone right into my hand. You should of seen the look on that Quacks face!!! LOL He couldn’t applogize enough. Oh did I mention the wife is now my Ex-wife!!! hehe

  5. When I worked in the ER, the best thing I ever saw removed from a kids nostril was an entire battleship! It was huge! Kids regularly stuff things uo their noses, and usually snarf it back out in the hysteria of the Doctor trying to remove it.

  6. I still have a bead in my nose (left nostril) form 1973. Sometimes, when it is in the right position, it whistles.
    cool hugh?

  7. she knows it’s not a good idea to swallow pennies either; right? ;)

  8. I think I am starting to realize why Miss Misery named her self so…a whole penny? Does that mean she has a big snoz?? Just curious..
    I am glad Miss is OK, and it’s not the beads I sent….yikes

  9. Heeehawwww! You shoulda made it into a necklace so she could pass it down to her children and grandchildren. heh

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  12. My 3 yr old son stuck a rock in his ear that had to be SURGICALLY removed!

  13. LOL

    beads. really.

    the back to toysrus comment had me chuckling out loud

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