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It’s 2007. Duh.

January 2, 2007

Happy New Year. Guess how I rang in 2007? Watching the Sopranos, which was over at 11:58pm, so I watched the clock on the stove change to 11:59pm and then 12:00am and then I looked at my husband and said, it’s 2007. He said ya. And that was that. We are such party animals. Totally.

Oh did I mention we have to move? No? Well we do. The house we are living in is being sold and we have until May to get out but we’ve decided we want to move like 2 days ago before the house prices go up again, which they are predicted to do. Can you just imagine the panic I feel right now? So much to do and so little time to do it in. I mean how can I possibly get smashed every day pack up an entire house in such a short time? Oh and, ya, we kinda need A HOUSE.

I forgot to tell you, that when I was at the grocery store on Christmas Eve, a nice man, about in his 50′s belched IN.MY.FACE. What a nice way to cap off my trip to the store and start the holiday festivities. I was packing my groceries and turned around to put something in my cart and as I turned, I looked up and was face to face with this fucking pig man and he literally let out the biggest, loudest, smelliest burp EVER and lucky me, it was in my face. My mouth hung open as I thought of something to say but no words would come out. He just looked at me like he’d done nothing more than give me the time. His wife must be so proud of him.

My daughter has been sick for most of her holidays thus far. She got sick during the eve of Christmas night and finally got better yesterday. Talk about a fun filled vacation with vomit and more vomit and more vomit. I’m going to spare you any further detail. I’m sure you’re thanking me right now.

I must say that my husband and chillin’s really spoiled me at Christmas. No I didn’t get that trip to that warm place or the diamonds or the million dollars in cash I had asked for, but really what they did get me was super cool. Santa certainly came this year.

I’m on my way to have a shower and then dry my hair and then flat iron it. How cool is that? You’re so jealous right now I know it. Also I’m hungry. And all I can see in the fridge right now is pizza. But seriously, who eats pizza at 9:19am? I’ll tell ya. Me. ‘Cause I’m a rebel. Oh ya baby, look out.

All righty-o, I must make this short and sweet. I have so much to do today like pass out from eating too much pizza and then guzzling booze cleaning my house from top to bottom and doing laundry. I’m a powerhouse I tell ya.

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7 Responses to “It’s 2007. Duh.”

  1. oh..

    and uh…

    sorry for the belch. i meant it as a compliment.

  2. i’m sorry to hear you were sick the whole week – that fucking sucks. I thought for sure my husband was going to give me his cooties and get me sick (he was miserable), but somehow all that booze must have killed off his germs or something. Whew!

    happy new year, sassy!

  3. My kids didn’t fight a single time over the holidays. It was the best gift I could have asked for…

  4. The only thing better than pizza for breakfast is Chinese food.

    Moving bites. Totally.

    I told my husband that the only way we’d ever move again is if we won the lottery and I could just leave it all behind except family photos. I would so do it too. Just take the personal stuff and leave the rest as is.

    Good luck finding a nice place to live.

    And that guy, with the burp? A pig.

    Hope your daughter gets well soon. It sucks to be sick during the holidays.

  5. uggghhh on the move – and the prices where you are – omg.

  6. The oven clock?! Classic.

  7. good luck on finding a house!

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