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Hockey anyone?

January 5, 2007

I’ve never been to a hockey game. Ever. Hubby is taking me this Saturday to a Calgary Flames game. I’m actually kinda excited even though I can’t really classify myself as a sports fan.

My 2 oldest sons and I were at the table the other night and I asked them if there’s anything I need to know about going to a hockey game?

Me: So, is there anything I should know?

Both boys look at me and then at each other, then at me again.

Sean: Ya. There are naked girls that come out on the ice, to shovel it.

Me: Naked? Like nude? Like no clothes on?

Sean: Yup.

Me: Ah, well are there any naked men for mama?

Sean: Nope. Sorry.

Me: Well that sucks. But, anyway, that seems a bit inappropriate since people bring young children. We’re bringing your 6 year old sister.

Sean: Whatever. Keeps the men happy.

Me: No doubt but still, seems a bit wrong.

Matt: Oh, there’s the other thing.

Me: What other thing?

Matt: Well when Kiprusoff makes a good save, there’s a chant.

Me: Okay. What chant?

Matt: Everyone shouts, “tops off for Kiprusoff”. Then the women in the crowd are supposed to flash their boobs.

Me: What???????????? Uh, I don’t know if I want to do that.

Matt: Everyone will boo you if you don’t. You’ll look like a loser.

Me: But, ah, that isn’ something I really want to do in front of 19,000 fans. Plus, hello, we will have Maddy with us.

Matt: Well look like a loser then.

Sean: Hell I even flashed when I went to the game.

Me: Well you’re a guy, that’s a little different.

Matt: You’re gonna get booed.

Me: I don’t really want to get booed.

Matt: Well you’ll have to flash then.

Me: I guess.

Later on, when hubby returned, I asked him if he’d be upset if I flashed.

Hubby: What? Flashed what?

Me: You know, for the chant.

Hubby: What chant?

Me: You know, ‘tops off for Kiprusoff’.

Hubby: What the hell kinda weed you on? There’s no chant like that.

Me: Really? The boys said there was and that I would have to lift my shirt up.

Hubby: Good Lord, why would you even listen to them?

Me: So it’s not true?

Hubby: Ummm. NO.

Me: Oh. Well what about the naked girls?

Hubby: What naked girls?

Me: Ah the ones on the ice.

Hubby: Good God woman, they’re not naked. The wear pants and a halter top, hardly naked. People take their kids to the games, it’s a family event. Duh.

Me: Ya, well I totally knew that they were jiving me. *Blink blink blink*

Hubby: Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

Anyway it should be fun! Go Flames Go!

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8 Responses to “Hockey anyone?”

  1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Classic Matt, CLASSIC!!!! You totally have to give him a hug for me, just for that!!!

    I miss my hockey team. Everyone here is all “Canucks.” I have to order some Flames gear!!!!

    Have fun at the game!

  2. I realize it’s Saturday now. Did you have a good time? Do you love hockey as much as I do now? Looks like the score over there is 2-2. Go Flames! Beat Dallas. Woo! That will help out the Sharks in the Pacific division.

    *CHOKE* I can’t believe I said, “Go Flames!” I’m going to go take a shower. LOL

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  4. WHAT!!!!!
    YOUUUUUUUUUUU (!!!!!!!!!!)
    lil miss eww hockey went to a GAME(!!!!!!!!)
    So tell me, did you love the roar of the crowd, the sounds of the game, the smell of the players?? Nothing like watching a life NHL game.

    At the start of this, I said Lucky Bitch aloud (sorry.. ok I’m not.. bitch! lol) because I would have loved to have been at the game. They did awesome even without Iginla. And they beat Dallas who are in the “they suck” category (in my mind that is) along with EastCoast Canada teams, and Colorado. Hisssss

    And uhm hello. Tell hubby I’ll go next time if you don’t wanna and there’ll even be a footlong hotdog in it for him.

    oh my god, that sounds so perverted but I’m hoping you remember that convo. Please tell me you do- and tell me if Matt still has the menu schematics LMAO.

  5. Ya know, if your boys ran the NHL I would not only watch, I would go to the games…
    Those are some wonderful ideas.

  6. Too funny! It’s a good thing that you and the Hubby had that conversation before the game!

  7. Hockey is like porn made just for me. I LOVE going to hockey games!!!

  8. [...] that just the shiznat? Amazing really because this is only my second time. Remember I was a hockey virgin just last month? Well I’m reminding you. Geez, you have a short memory. Have you been [...]

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