Oh My Gawd Sodagirl!
Sofa king.

January 11, 2007

It’s sofa king cold out that my hair actually froze as I was walking home. I looked like a hippy grandma. I’m pretty sure my nose was running but since it was 8 million below zero, I think my snot froze on my upper lip. I didn’t look because it would make me barf. Penguins and polar bears would snub their noses (beaks, whatever) at this weather. It sucks. What in blue blazes happened to our mild winter? Who the hell invented winter anyways? You’re FIRED. ‘Cept if I was firing someone, I wouldn’t do it with really bad fucking hair a comb over/wrap around muff/dead mink on my head. I’m just sayin’.

I have to start packing today. I don’t want to but I have to. Did I mention that I don’t want to? I did? Oh. We don’t have a new house yet but have our hearts set on one but we don’t want to get our hopes up yet until we know how the financing thing is going. I will say that the house we hope to get, is, well, sofa king ugly it would win the ‘you have the ugliest house in the world’ contest. I guess it’s not so much the house that’s ugly, it’s the exterior color that was chosen. And the inside looks fresh out of the 80′s. So we’d have to do some major cosmetics. Anyway, I will speak more of this depending on whether we get it or not. It’s all top secret right now, so putting it on the internet is probably not a good idea but really who’s going to read it?

Oh did I tell you that I LOVED going to the hockey game? Me? A NON hockey fan/sports fan of any kind. It baffles me slightly but I’m not going to fight it. Flames won! And I had fun. FUN. I thought I’d be bored enough that I’d want to hang myself but nope, not the case. We had 2 drunk guys behind us that were taunting THE ONE Dallas Stars fan sitting across from us. It really was quite funny. The 2 dudes behind us, said fuck like it was the word ‘the’ or ‘I’ and had no regard for my 6 year old sitting beside me. Nor did the Dallas fan. However, as the night wore on, and the guys behind us got more drunk, they began to shout at the Dallas fan to watch his mouth since there was a little girl sitting here. It was priceless how they slurred their words, blew their big red horns, chanted, “Go home Dallas”, laughed hysterically, then listened as the Dallas guy would shout back, “fuck the Flames”, then they’d shush him and tell him not to say the ‘f’ word. You can’t get any better than that. I’ve begged hubby to take me to another game. So I’m pretty sure we’re going to the Flames vs the Sharks in late Feb.

Well I suppose I must get off my duff and get to work. I’m writing this in a whiney voice. Or whiney type. Whatever. Tell me that the packing/cleaning/cooking fairy will show up later to spot me.

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7 Responses to “Sofa king.”

  1. ha! did you guys get the same blizzard we got? (central Sask) its -43 with windchill here today. First snowday since 1984 :o )

    im blogging the kids are watching movies :o )

    good times.

    oh and as for whos reading this? I AM!

  2. ha! did you guys get the same blizzard we got? (central Sask) its -43 with windchill here today. First snowday since 1984 :o )

    im blogging the kids are watching movies :o )

    good times.

    oh and as for whos reading this? I AM!

  3. Whining is good! Then when it’s time to move you’ll be all ready! :-) Good luck on the house!

  4. If it makes you feel any better, we had a 40.5C here on the same day :) Maybe just a tad too warm.

  5. The stupids here are bitching about 20 degree weather. I want to stuff all their heads in an oven.

    Oh and the Sharks game? We’re soooooo gonna beat down the flames. HOLLA!

  6. But you manage to look so nice while braving the cold!

    Good luck with the new house!

  7. OMG, You are HILLARIOUS! I found you through Troll Baby’s Blog and am sooo glad I did! BTW…if I could look that good when I was all bundled up from this weather…I would move to Alaska!

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