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I’ve been tagged!  Tagged!  Did you hear me?

January 26, 2007

Maybe my day will improve! Chris, my new fan, because she said I was the most talented, beautiful, sexy, sweet, gorgeous creature she’s ever seen/read, has tagged me. Fine, I lied, she didn’t say any of that but she did say I was hilarious, so that’s almost the same thing. Anyway, I must tell you 10 things about me, which I KNOW you WANT to KNOW. I have to run out for a bit but I will return to tell you 10 things that you will poke your eyes out because you DIDN’T want to know that about me have been dying to know about me. Ab-so-freakin’-lutely. Now, listen, go about your day until I return, although I know that will be hard because you’ll be sitting on the edge of your seat, breathlessly waiting for me to come back. Honestly, breath okay? Be back soon!


Told you I’d be back albeit later than I expected. And by later, I mean over 24 hours later, but I was getting sloshed and whistling at the cars going by rescuing a cat from a burning tree. Anyway, enough about my being a superhero, let’s move on to ten things about me that you’re dying to know.

1.) I love early morning. Why you ask? Because it’s that time of day that I open the booze can play online without being interrupted, listen to the quiet and zone out before my day starts.

2.) I can’t swim. I may have mentioned this before somewhere along the way but you probably forgot because you were mesmerized by my insanity beauty and all.

3.) I’m scared of sharks. And I know I just said I can’t swim and therefore, will most likely never be out swimming in the ocean, however, should a band (is that what you call them?) of pirates kidnap me and throw me overboard, then it’s possible that I could become shark bait and that scares me tremdously.

4.) I love pink. Like anyone with a brain can’t figure that one out. However, I wouldn’t want pink hair. Or a pink toilet. Or pink eyes. Or a pink elephant in my livingroom.

5.) I have a love affair going with peanut M&M’s. I wish I didn’t and I hope to end it soon because my heartburn isn’t happy with our goings on.

6.) I listen to Chris Daughtry’s debut cd every single day since I got it. He’s a really great singer and not hard on the eyes. I’m not normally into bald guys, but hey, it works on him. I’d hit it shake his hand if I met him.

7.) I have 2 pens that light up. One is silver and one is pink and both write with black ink. They’re $1.98 at Staples. And so worth the money, if you’re into pens and such.

8.) I wish I could play the guitar and although my husband has been playing for over 25 years and is really really good, even he can’t teach me. I suck. Plus I like having pretty nails and I’d have to totally cut them and then I’d look like I have short man hands with ugly nails and that is so unacceptable. I’m too girly for that to ever happen.

9.) I can’t stand the smell of olives. There’s an olive bar at the grocery store and I try to avoid walking by it because to me, it smells like dirty socks, b/0 and dog shit.

10.) I watch 3 soap operas. Not fully but I turn them on if I’m puttering around in the livingroom and half watch/listen. It’s just that I’ve been into them since I was like 15 and how, I ask you, could I give them up at this point? It’d be like, you know, a sin or something.

There you have it. Ten things that, now that you know, you WILL sleep better tonight or perhaps you’re passed out now because I bored you to death. I’m so glad I could make that happen for you.

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14 Responses to “I’ve been tagged! Tagged! Did you hear me?”

  1. GUH…who told? I didn’t want you to know I thought you were the most talented, beautiful, sexy, sweet, gorgeous creature I’ve ever seen/read.

    I was worried it would make me seem to blogger stalker-ish.

    Yes..you have been tagged. So you better come back ;-)

  2. Good ‘ol Chris tagged me too.! She’s so sweet! Can’t wait to read your list!

  3. Good ‘ol chris??? I think I’m feeling ill. I’m ONLY 29 (almost) Dang it!

  4. Oh good ‘ol means hawt. I’m not even kidding! And only 29, please, I’m THIRTY NINE. Yikes..hahahaa

  5. Hi to everyone =)

  6. DAMN…you look AWESOME for 39. I’m not really sure I even believe it. I’m finding it interesting that everyone seems to have one slightly irrational fear. Thanks for the list! It really was fun to read.

  7. Mmmm…I feel the same way you do about Chris Daughtry…wanting to shake his hand and all. After AI last season I convinced my husband to shave his head….it didn’t exactly have the same effect. He has hair now!

  8. I gave in to having man hands because I’m completely passionate about becoming a rock guitar goddess. ;D

  9. I already have man hands, my nails never seem to grow. They have one length and one length only – short. No matter what I do.

    Still though, I suck at playing the guitar.

  10. Ok what 3 Soap Operas are you hooked on? I like Y&R for like forever, I wish I didn’t cause that is 45 minutes every night I could be doing something better. like. exercising..ya. sure.

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  14. OMG!!! Olives DO smell like poo! You’re hilarious! (P.S. Linked to you from Procrastamom)

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