Oh My Gawd Sodagirl!
I’m a grownup now.

February 10, 2007

Oh.My.Gawd. I’m so totally a grownup now! I’m on my own domain. My own. Can you even believe it? Okay, so I’m like the last person on the planet to get their own domain, but humor me here, mmmkay?

I have to thank my bestest friend eva, Karen for making this a reality. Remember how I mentioned she spoiled me? Well this was it. All I had to do was make some graphics and she did all the hard part, like BUY IT (Gosh she’s swell!), code it and do all her fancy schmancy magic and voila, here I sit, staring at my blog because I’m so in awe of it. It’s so weird to type ‘dotcom’ but I love it. And by love it, I mean, I freakin’ love it.

We’re (and by we’re, I mean Karen, I’m just sitting on my ass looking crazy pretty) still working on little stuff so things might be a bit funky so like don’t hurt me. Thanks. I’m such a happy camper right now. Not that I like camping per say, but you know what I mean. Oh and feel free to stare, I am.

I’d also like to thank Emily for adding extra plug-ins so Karen could make the switch, transfer, move over, whatever the proper term is, and thus making me happy. So anyone who makes Karen happy to make me happy, makes me happy. Huh? Anyway, I’m happy.

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4 Responses to “I’m a grownup now.”

  1. By hook or by crook looks like I may be the first to write in your blog!! LOL (should be book), but oh well.

    This looks awesome! Karen rocks!!!!!

    Looking forward to reading on your new dotcom!!!

  2. I love the look! And congrats on getting your own domain.

  3. Thank you girls! I’ve very happy but I think I mentioned that…hahahaha

  4. ZOMG, like look at you all big and stuff! :D Congrats on the newness of your blog! :D

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