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Clearly insanity lives here.

February 16, 2007


See that Barbie? She’s cute right? Sure.

Barbie cat

And this is the cat that comes with the Barbie. That’s cute too. If you’re into plastic cats. And who isn’t?

Barbie cat 2

And Barbie’s cat comes with a litter box. Of course you have to have ‘litter’ to put in the litter box right? So the Barbie people put in little bags of sand. Not regular sand though. Special sand. Sticky, messy, goopy sand when you add water. Because you add water to the plastic cat’s back so you can then squeeze the plastic cat and thus make it pee in the litterbox. Genius really. And by genius, I mean fucking stupid. Who bought this toy? Oh right. Me.

Barbie look1
This is me when I saw this in my sink:

Barbie sink

Not only was the fun, goopy sand in my sink, it was all over my counter, the floor and a trail from the bathroom led me to the diningroom table. Count to ten. Count to ten.

Barbie look 2

After counting to ten, ask the Calgon gods to take you away. Far, far away.

Barbie look 3

And by far, far away, I mean bring on the vodka cookies.

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9 Responses to “Clearly insanity lives here.”

  1. Step 1. Don’t buy that shit in the first place. If you did, then go to step 2.

    Step 2. Throw that shit out.

    Step 3. Drink in excess.

  2. OMG! Cat Litter and scoop? what the hell are they gonna think for that old bitch Barbie next? Shouldn’t she be dead yet??


  3. Great english!! LOL I meant ISN’T she dead yet?? drink another drink Nic.

  4. Sounds like one of those Barbie accessories that needs to suddenly just go missing! Like the Barbie swimming pool MIL bought Liberty. It’s been missing since the day after she got it. Yep. Mean evil mommy, am I!

  5. Mental note to self: If I ever have a little girl, this is one of those gifts I shouldn’t get! :-0

    I see ya’ll had a snow day recently too. Gah… I almost tied my own tubes with a kitchen knife!

  6. I remember hearing about this toy over the phone..
    ..aaaaa-and, I’m still laughing

    We saw the dog one the other day in Wal-Mart. I cannot believe they made shitting toys! I mean, give it the Barbie name attached and suddenly it’s a hot commodity.
    Yeah, it’s shit. Nothing to exciting there.
    oh and btw, I agree with Karen. :D

  7. Does barbie’s dog come with a pooper scooper?

  8. As far as kids toys go – I have now seen it all!

  9. Oz- sadly (legally/fortunately… you pick) it does.

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