Oh My Gawd Sodagirl!
Oh let me tell you…….

March 1, 2007


…..My life feels like it’s in the toilet and because of that, I feel fugly. Kinda like the above picture. I don’t have any idea who that is and no offense, thankfully I don’t actually look like that but I wanted to show you how I feel. I’m not going to get into any details really because honestly, my 3 500 fans want funny, not whiney/sad crap. Well it will be crap but if we’re gonna talk crap, let’s at least make it funny right? I’ve got my hand on the pulse of everything. I’m super cool like that.

We have less than 3 months to be moved out and now no house. The fugly pink house has 100% been sold and although I was really upset about it, my 10 year old son said today that we’ll just keep watching and maybe the new owners will someday want to sell it. He’s got a point.

I’m a tad worried about clumps of hair falling out when I wash it. I mean I do have lots of hair and so far no bald spots, but damn it’s creepy seeing that much hair in the tub. I always freak a bit, thinking it’s a redhaired rodent and then realize, ah no, it’s not. I’m chalking it up to stress and I’m sure a little booze bag of cookies will fix that right up. If I start looking like baldy Britney, then I’ll worry.

I think I sprained my wrist but I’m not 100% sure. I do know that it hurts like hell when I type and when I tried to punch the retarded bank teller in the ass today, I could barely get a good swing so I’m thinking I did something to it. Next time that bizatch is gonna meet the high heel of my boot. No need for wrist action for that. Goooood thinkin’.

I’m wondering when spring is going to come around? I mean I know it officially arrives on March 21st according to my calendar but that’s 3 weeks from now. I want it now. Like 2 days ago. Is that asking too much? Like what the hell does Mother Nature have to do that she’s too damn busy to get spring going. Spring into action MN (that’s what I call Mother Nature, MN. We’re tight like that. Sorta.). Get it? Like my play on words? I’m so, wordy.?. Ah ya.

I got a new pair of pants a couple of weeks ago. Isn’t that exciting? Aren’t you thrilled for me? You’re probably slapping your leg right now, saying, ‘damn that girl is a rebel, buying new pants’. I know it and you know it.

Tonight is my favourite tv night. I watch ER and Survivor. Any ER and/or Survivor fans out there? Wanna talk about it? Don’t you just love Luca? And by love, I mean, don’t you want to rip off his clothes (probably not so much you Ozy, unless there’s something you want to tell me?) and smear chocolate on him and then……………………….oops, sorry, I fell off my chair. On that note, I should go help my kids with their homework because goodness knows the maid/chef/tutor didn’t bother showing up today. Damn lazy bitch. Peace out.

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5 Responses to “Oh let me tell you…….”

  1. Yea my maid didn’t show up either. I like Samatha and Neela myself. Luca doesn’t do it for me.

  2. Spring into action… I pee’d.
    (or not)

    Wow hottie up there is in serious need of an upper lip wax- even if that is a dude, which btw the jury is still out on this end if that’s a He with a bad Mullet or a she with serious ‘stache issues.

    Oh and I finally found your number again, which I know I could of emailed or IM’d ya for but I’m from BC and am mentally handicapped like that. (Yeah, I went there) so prepare for a sexually harassing call on Sunday… I don’t work that day. & I sound superhot with this freakin cold too I mean, rrrrrooow.
    ((hugs)) to you on the whole “move” ordeal
    and would I make you fall off your chair again if I said “Who’se Luca?”

  3. You’re funny. Amd thank gawd you don’t look like that picture.

    Did I miss a new ER last night? I never even turned it on because I thought it was a repeat. I don’t think I could bear to know if I missed a new episode.

  4. Now don’t I feel sorry for that man. He’s going to come accross your blog and find his picture up…oh lord. Imagine the blowout!

    I hope you feel better though, everyone’s got the winter blues. I just want it to end and to smell flowers and spring sunshine and all that crappy happy stuff.

    I also want to start driving…and I can’t start driving until all the snow and ice is gone. That’s probably why theres still snow and ice, because I want to drive…and Mother Nature hates me…and is trying to prevent another idiot teen driver from driving.

  5. Even if that ‘stache becomes a full beard at 5, that is not a dude because there are butterflies on the shirt.

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