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I have a secret. Part 2.

March 13, 2007


I still have a secret and I still have to keep quiet about it because I didn’t hear the thing that I thought I’d hear, therefore I don’t think I should mention it yet incase I jinx it. So once again, you’ll be dreaming about me and my secret. And that’s not so bad is it? Naw.

I can tell you this though….I suck…in the kitchen. I must admit I’ve had a few successes of late but usually my true self comes out while I’m in the kitchen. Not if I’m cleaning it so much, just if I’m cooking in it. I was cooking tonight and I managed to drop the raw hamburger on the floor, slice my finger, slop pasta sauce on my WHITE shirt and on the floor, down the WHITE stove and all down the cabinet doors and this was all before I even decided what I was going to actually make. In the end, I cooked some kind of pasta noodles, not sure what their name is, they’re sort of long, fat and hollow. Logs? I dunno. Anyway, please pray that my family doesn’t fall ill after eating it. At least let’s hope it’s not full fledged food poisoning. I mean, really, a little vomitting and diarreah never hurt anyone. Well the cramps might be a bit of a pain in the ass. Oh did you read that pun? A warrior with words I am! Gah. Hopefully there’s not much lint in the ground beef that I put in the sauce. I think I got most of it out. Fingers crossed.

I’m going to watch American Idol tonight. I’m not exactly sure why though. This has got to be one of the most boring seasons ever. There’s not even any eye candy for mama. Not unless you like 17 year old boys who kinda look like girls. And I don’t. However, it’s like I’m compelled to see it to the end, like I’m being disloyal if I stop watching it now. I could use a nice sleeping pill though and I’m betting Idol will come through for me.

Oh to the guy who sent me emails asking if I need a penis enlargement (actually he said, “hey no more short dick for you”…charming), thanks, but I’m good. And to the chick who said, “let’s meet on messYenger so we can ‘cat’,” I’m not sure what the hell that means, but I’m super busy tonight *see above paragraph*. To ‘Loverlacehodax’, your message to me, was appreciated, “of course I’d love to meet you, you’re a hot guy and I love hot guys and incase you forgot my info, I’m a femAIL“……..ah ya, but I’m not as hot a guy as you think, although I’m flattered that you think I’m a hot guy. Makes me feel confident and not be self conscience about the hair on my back. And ass. And pits. On that note, where’s my friggin’ razor?

Well time to stir the pasta and hope it’s still fit to eat. Maybe I should look for that take out menu…………..

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5 Responses to “I have a secret. Part 2.”

  1. **sigh**

    Still not telling your secret, eh?

    Fine. I’ll guess.

    You’re Preggers?

    You found out Bob really IS your uncle?

    You infested the ugly pink house with crickets so that the chirping would drive the new family insane and they’d sell the house to you?

    Alright. I give up. Did you hear what you thought you would yet? ‘Cause you’re killing me here!

  2. Secrets?!? You’re keeping secrets from us?!?? I am shocked and appauled!!! I’ve NEVER kept ANYTHING from you EVER.

    Auuuggghhhhhhhhh. Where are your values of friendship?!?! Iamhavingamentalbreakdown anditsallyourfault. Gahhhh.

    No, really, it’s okay.

    Tell Matt to check his e-mail for once in his life, because I e-mailed him MONTHS ago and he never e-mailed me back. And I’m mad. And I’m going to send my Poor Ninjas to attack him. Tell him that. And also that I have a picture of him on my bedroom wall, and that if he doesn’t e-mail me back I’m going to through knives at it and get a voodoo doll.

    No, I’m not psycho.

    Love, Ash

  3. ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be back, but first, I have half-nekkid bodies to look at.

  4. You aren’t telling the secret? Bah.

    I’m leaving. :P

    Hope your family survived. I accidentally cooked the other day. Miraculously, we survived. Not sure I’m going to go do that again for a while. It sure was hard boiling that pasta and stuff.

  5. Hey Sassy,
    What’s you sucking in the kitchen got to do with your cooking…..

    *running for sure now*
    You know that dang devil made me say that…..*blinking my eyelashes…*

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