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The scoop.

March 17, 2007

So I’ve been yammering on and on and on about a big secret that I’ve not been able to talk about because I was afraid of jinxing it and ruining my life and then I’d have to ruin your lives because it just wouldn’t be fair for you to be all happy and me all sad. I like stuff even. Get it?

Having said all of that crap about jinxing, I’m going to tell you my big secret because a certain big mouth smartie pants guesser, who thinks she’s so rockin and well so what if she totally is, whatever someone totally fucking guessed kinda guessed and since she thought I was having some kind of contest and she was gonna win a prize or some such nonsense, which by the way, I’m not handing out prizes unless you want my old coffee maker that I NEVER use because I don’t drink coffee, then you can have it. I think maybe she guessed because she pays attention and I like people who pay attention. To me. Why? Ah, because I’m important. Duh.

My secret probably isn’t going to, like blow you away. So before you get your panties, tighty whities, girdle, thong, whatever, in a bunch, I don’t remember saying that it would, so keep that in mind when you read it. No, I wasn’t abducted by aliens and given the dreaded anal probe, I didn’t win any awards, I wasn’t a lucky lottery winner, I didn’t go to the moon and back, although some days it sure feels like I’ve been to another planet, I wasn’t planning some awesome vacation, even though I absolutely deserve one, I didn’t milk a cow, I haven’t gotten a new hair do, I am not running for president or prime minister or pope-age or turning to satan worshiping. Read on:

My news iiiissssss, we sort of bought a house! I talked about the disgustingly ugly pink house, which I was convinced should totally belong to me but which in reality totally belongs to someone other than me, so it’s not that house. It’s a house that is almost new, looks new, is ‘ready to move in’ quality and is only a 2 minute drive from my current house. We should know by next Friday which is my son’s 11th birthday and 11 is one of my favourite numbers, so that’s a sign. Right? There, geez, I said it and if because I talked about it before we actually have it and I lose it, I’m coming after you. All of you. So watch out. I’m all scary like that. Seriously though, I’m excited but I have to hide it incase we don’t get it. But I think we will. Right? Ah hello? Could someone please dig out their crystal balls, I’m desperate here? Thanks, that’d be great.

There you have it. Happy now? You should be dammit. I will give more details and pictures once we know for one hundred percent that we do indeed own it. Then I’ll expect you to throw me a wickedly fun party to congratulate me and send me oodles of cash (50′s and up, thanks) in pretty pink envelopes. That is hardly asking alot after I’ve given you much to dream about people. Much. *Smiles*

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6 Responses to “The scoop.”

  1. Ooooh! That’s like totally awesome! :D G’luck on getting the house. I am jealous now ‘cuz I want a new house and not this one that I live in because I just don’t…okay?

    Too cool…seriously.

  2. “ready to move in” sounds so like a dream to me. a little over two years ago the wife and I married and began working on our home and as of this weekend ya know what we were doing? working on our home. one project turned into three. we went to reroof the house (first project) and decided to add a porch (second project) and in the process of reroofing we discovered how poorly one of the added on rooms of the house had been constructed so we completely rebuilt it (or I should say are in the process of doing so). So yea, “ready toi move in” sound so friggin’ wonderful…
    So happy for ya (and for the fact you don’t have to ruin our lives).

  3. Well, that is good news! Good luck

  4. YEY! Awesome news! Even if I did the my cricket in the pink house theory better. sigh.

  5. sweet. im a champion guesser!

    the worst three days of my life were when we put in an offer on a house and had to wait becuase the seller had the nerve to go into labour the same day!

    Would you believe our realtor actually went to the hospital to give her our offer? sheesh. in the end they signed the papers at the hospital.

    Imagine packing a whole household in under four weeks when you have just given birth. Kind of made me feel bad.

    you will get your house, everything will go fine. Im an alien, I know these things!

  6. That is great. A house is such a good investment!

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