Oh My Gawd Sodagirl!
Baby it’s cold in here.

April 3, 2007

I hate power companies. I want to name the particular power company I hate but I won’t because maybe they’re like a certain ridiculous combed over billionaire loser, who like to sue people.

I paid our bill in full on Friday but guess what? We got cut off on Monday anyway. I must be retarded, because I was certain if one paid one’s bill, then you were entitled to that service? Hmmm. I guess not. So we’ve been without heat since yesterday at noon. Almost 24 hours ago. Oh and lucky for us, we’re in below normal temps for this time of year and we’re getting SNOW. I’m not 100% sure how cold it is in my house but I’m guessing it’s around 40 F. I’m not even kidding.

How am I using my computer you ask if I have no power? Well they give you a partial load limit which runs a few things. We have 2 lights, the phone, tv and computer. And our fridge and furnace are supposed to run as they are considered essentials. The fridge works but the furnace doesn’t. And having the fridge work is great an’ all, since who wants their food to rot but I can’t cook any of that food, so who cares right? At this point I want heat. I’ve made several phone calls but it’s like talking to a brick wall. The bitch sweet lady I talked to today, yelled at me and said for all she knows I paid our neighbour’s bill or my brother’s. That’s because the stupid bank teller (I don’t like banks either) neglected to put the power company’s account number on the receipt, so they see, yes we did pay $x amount but it doesn’t show to what account. We only have one account but like nice lady yelled today, maybe we were paying the neighbours account. Because we all know how much I love my neighbours. I mean honestly, a little common sense might go a long way people. Would I really call 8 million times a day, upset, complaining that I’m fucking cold if I paid the neighbours account off? Get real.

So I should probably go and treat my frostbite before my digits start falling off. I was going to suggest I make myself some bacon and eggs but oh, I can’t because I have NO POWER. Even though our account is paid in full. Isn’t that just dandy? I love how things work. You pay, you get nothing. You get to freeze your ass off in your own house. I love that. And by love, I mean I want to chew nails with my teeth and then spit them like daggers at certain people who sit behind their stupid desks and act all holy-er than thou. If anyone has some sunshine or a heater, could ya’ll send it to me? Thanks.

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4 Responses to “Baby it’s cold in here.”

  1. my suggestion? (and this worked when we were in the middle of a move (october 28th, it gets damn cold in Sk in october) call the power company again. but this time, tell them that if you do not have soemone out to your hosue to reinstate the power you have already paid for, that you will contact the news and the papers. relly. thay HATE negitive publicity. also. even after they reinstated my power, i called hte papers anyway. im mean like that.

  2. Awwwww. Been there done that and yes..it SUCKS! Hope you get power again soon :-(

  3. It’s time yet again for the stupidest of blog awards…. Go nominate

  4. Ah, I was totally going to tell you all about my freezing day today but I can’t log into my own blog. I guess it’s one of those days. Sigh.

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