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April 4, 2007

Well it’s now been over 48 hours with no heat and no way to cook meals, no lights, with the exception of our diningroom light and livingroom light. It’s so fun peeing in the dark. I guess I’ll have to clean out my closet now. Oops.

My kids are going to have a great time telling all of their friends about their spring break. ‘Hey what did you guys do on your spring break’? ‘Well, we played pin the icicle on the doorframe, skating rink in the bathroom and ring around the frostbitten toes’. It was a blast! Beat that bitches!

I went to the bank yesterday to get help from the teller who took my payment to the power company and it would have been much more fruitful had I just stayed home and punched myself in the face. That’s how helpful she was. I can see why she’s a valuable employee to that bank. Absolutely. And it was nice of her to blame me for her not stamping the other portion of my bill. I guess I forgot that I DON’T get a pay cheque from the bank and didn’t do my job properly. You know, reach over the counter, grab the bank stamp from the teller and stamp my receipt. Stupid me.

It’s Good Friday on Friday. And while that might be ‘good’ any other time, it gives me no pleasure this year. If our payment doesn’t reach said power company tonight or tomorrow, then we’ll be in the dark and cold until Monday or Tuesday. Now that warms my heart. Oh wait, my heart is a frozen piece of tundra right now because it’s 40 fucking degrees in my house.

The thing that kills me, is everyone (power company people and helpful teller at the bank) keeps saying things like, ‘well we don’t know that you paid that amount on your account. You may have paid someone else’s account’. I mean does that even make sense? Who pays their neighbours’ power bills? Or the guy you met on the bus? Or your mail person? Or your liquor provider? Let’s be reasonable. And if I did indeed pay my neighbours bill, why would I call the power company 5 thousand times a day to find out if my payment got there? It’s all asinine in my opinion. It would be one thing for me to whine if we’d not paid our bill. I’d have no reason to even open my cakehole. But we’ve paid it. FIVE DAYS AGO. In FULL. Up to date. Like come on, is there noone that can give us a break? I guess not.

Time to go and stick my hands in the snow to thaw them outside because that’s way warmer than my house right now. Happy Hump Day. Ya baby, ya.

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