Oh My Gawd Sodagirl!
These shoes were made for sleepin’.

April 7, 2007

My daughter decided to put on her pj’s, a pair of green socks and some shiny black patent shoes. She then plugged in her father’s microphone into the cd player and did some karaoke. And dancing. And more karaoke. That is alot of work and of course would tire one out. And the proof is in the picture:

I guess all that diva-ness played her out. I wish I could just fall asleep on the floor with my shiny black shoes on. Wanna hear about my day? Of course you do. You can’t get enough of me.

I woke at exactly 6:30am and I know it was exactly 6:30am because I forgot to turn off my cell phone alarm and it was right beside my head. My big dumb head. It’s Saturday. Why would I have to get up at the butt crack of dawn? I wouldn’t. Except that I forgot to turn off my alarm. Who’s fault is that? Oh. Mine. I already admitted that. Onward we go:

I decided I should get an early start on the day and that’s why I went back to sleep until 7:15am when my husband woke me. He went to work and I looked around at all the stuff that is still sitting here, waiting to be packed. Why can’t we just toss everything and start fresh? Get all new furniture, dishes, books, pictures, children, socks, bath mats, all of it. Noooo, we have to keep it and pack it all up in boxes and plastic containers. I thought some of you beeyotches were coming to help me? Huh. I was sure that you all emailed me, promising you’d be here for me. Oh, sure, I was dreaming that? What, do I look like I’m nuts?

I went through boxes of stuff. All day long. Boxes of clothes that belonged to my daughter. How can one child have that much? Who’s fault is that? Oh. Mine again. Geez, you people are relentless. I donated 2 boxes to Freecycle, am going to sell some and put aside a box for my wench girlfriend. Well, she’s not going to wear the clothes but her youngest daughter will. Oh and a bag of shoes and boots. My girl is 6. How does a six year old have 40 pairs of shoes? Oh. I see where this is going. Gah.

I managed to get some work done in the storage room. You should really be cheering for me on that one. I rarely go in there, it’s really scary and I put my fear aside and braved it all by my lonesome. I’m figuring that if we’ve not used anything that’s been stored in boxes for almost 3 years, then chances are it’s not worth keeping. Wanna come to my house for a bonfire?

After I did all of that, it was about 5:30pm and I was starving. So I had some yogurt with granola. That is really quite yummy. Mind you it’s not a steak, but it’s close. Okay, not close but still, it’s tasty. I did get a steak too but that was later on. It was cooked very well. My husband knows how to barbeque a piece of meat lemme tell ya. I’ve tried barbequing, once or twice. I’m sure you all know how that went. Let’s just say I didn’t know a t-bone could be deadly weapon if it’s cooked too long.

That about sums up my day. Ooo, gosh, I thought it would play out way more exciting than it’s reading. I was sure I would have had you on the edge of your seat, baited breath, waiting for each pulse pounding sentence, dying to know what’s going to happen next. Not really the case though is it? Most of you are probably wiping drool from your keyboad because you nodded off after the first paragraph. Hey, I’m not a miracle worker you know. I’m tired and my back is sore and I still have to go clean my kitchen. Ya, is anyone gonna come and help me do that? Nooooo, I didn’t think so. Oh well, I hope you all sleep well and I’m going to my mailbox on Monday and I’m expecting some cold hard cash for my house warming because you said you’d send me some. Don’t tell me your gorilla ate it. Your dog maybe, but your gorilla? Nope not buying that.

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3 Responses to “These shoes were made for sleepin’.”

  1. To be that young again!! If only I could fall asleep like that… She is sooo precious
    Hugs from the wench!!

  2. AWWWWW! How adorable is that!!!!!

    And I can’t help it that a gorilla ate the first gift. **pout**

  3. Damn, you mean I helped the wrong people move? I thought the house looked different in the pictures and I was pretty sure that your not black but they were moving so I helped…
    Anyway, I pass out like that all of the time, often in a very similar outfit…

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