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Pirates and stuff.

April 11, 2007

Tonight my 6 year old daughter wanted to know ‘if I think any of the products we have in our house have been stolen from other countries and brought here by pirates’. Ah, no, I’m pretty sure that’s not the case. She said she’s ‘going to investigate it’. Okay Nancy Drew.

I received a phone call from some independent firm, who wanted to do a short survey with me, about the company who provides our electricity. Ha! Oh, you mean the same people who were heartless and totally not understanding at all? Ya, I’m going to give you the time of day. I said, it was not a good time to do the survey and I was probably NOT the best person to discuss said power company’s customer service. You won’t like me very much if you listen to my opinions. I was asked what would be a better time to call back. Oh, let’s see. How about 3034. I will probably be dead by then and not give a shit either way.

My husband was teasing our 11 year old son, saying how could he let it snow again last night and son’s reply was, ‘what do I look like, the weatherman’? I guess not. Those damn weathermen, always giving us crappy weather when we just don’t want it. Bastards.

I did some more clearing out in the storage room. God it’s creepy in there. And why do I we hang on to so much stuff? Shameless really. I’ve now lost count of how many boxes/bags of stuff I’ve gotten rid of. I have boxes of school work from Sean and Matt, that I’ve been saving since they were in elementary. I mean sure, keep a few things here and there but honestly, their entire decade plus of school things? Just plain crazy loving. That’s me though. I can’t let go of all the math sheets and spelling tests. I did find a funny gift that Matt had made me when he was about 8, for mother’s day. It was a thingy (not sure what it’s actually supposed to be) made out of toilet paper rolls, tissue paper and part of a cereal box. I’ve not any earthly idea what it is but it’s very creative. I’ll give him that.

Hey did you know I’m totally hooked on HGTV? I’m so into all the real estate shows and all the home reno programs. Very weird, because I’ve never had much interest in that kind of stuff previously. Maybe it’s because I’m a new home owner and it’s put me in some kind of house trance. I guess that’s possible. Or maybe it’s all the alcohol sit ups I do.

Aren’t you glad you came here tonight to read? You’re all comfy in your jammies or naked, whatever floats your boat, and settled in your chair or couch if you have a laptop and can, you know, put your computer in your lap and were entertained beyond belief by my story telling? I know, I amaze you and honestly, it’s my pleasure to be so fasinating to you. I live the fast life and although you often get heart palpatations from reading about my exciting life, that you’ve actually had to go to your doctor to get pills to control that, I thank you for risking your safety to continue to read me. Now go take your pill before you have a stroke or somethin’. I’ll try not to do anything too exciting for the rest of the evening but if I do, you’ll be the first to know.

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3 Responses to “Pirates and stuff.”

  1. Pirates huh? She sure has an imagination. such a cute story!

  2. “Those damn weathermen, always giving us crappy weather when we just don’t want it. Bastards.”

    Hehehe. My oldest says this all the time. Those weathermen just set out to RUIN MY DAY!!!

  3. weathermen suck. LOL. Our weather has been HORRID.

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