Oh My Gawd Sodagirl!
This will bore you immensely.

April 25, 2007

I’m warning you up front, that this will bore you tremendously. I wouldn’t want to be responsible for you falling asleep while you’re on your laptop, reading this, while driving to work. I’m sweet like that.

Oh by the way, I move tomorrow. Can you say stressful? I’ve packed everything myself. Hubby’s been working long hours and then coming home to work at the new house and unloading the boxes that I’ve packed. This is not fun. I’m not moving again. Like ever. I will grow old in the new house. I think. I mean I say that now because I’m crabby and sore and tired but I think I mean it. Let’s move on shall we?

Tomorrow is my daughter’s field trip that I was told I was not allowed to attend.

Mom the sheet for my field trip is in my agenda, make sure you fill it out by Tuesday okay?

Okay! Hey this will be your first official field trip (she’d gotten sick last year and couldn’t attend her field trip in Kindergarten) so I can’t wait!

What do you mean you can’t wait?

Ah, well I’m going to go with you.


Ummmm what?

Weeeelll, I don’t want you to go with me.

Ah why not?

Well mom, because this is like my first real field trip, except for that silly one that we went on in preschool but all we did was walk to the grocery store and that was totally dumb. So since this is my first real field trip, I want to go alone.

Well you won’t be alone, there will be other adults there. Duh.

Yes but that’s okay, ummm you just won’t be there. I want to go alone.

What? Why?

Well I just feel that I want to go alone. I’m mature enough to handle this myself.


Listen, I’m gonna have another field trip in grade 2, so maybe you can come on that one. Okay? Isn’t it nice when a small child comforts the adult? Love that.

Ah okay.

All righty then, I’ve been dissed by my own 6 year old daughter, who is like totally mature enough to handle going on like her first field trip, like this is totally not fair. Why is my baby, my last child so freakin’ independant? Why isn’t she clinging to my leg, begging me to go? Pffftttt. Whatever, I’ll just stay home and eat chocolate clean.

Remember that migraine I’ve talked about alot? Ya, it won’t go away. It eases off some days, enough that I don’t barf or hurl myself off of a very tall building but it never truly goes away. I’m thinking I may have a rebound headache that I had experienced back in 1995. At least it’s not a rebound boyfriend. They’re the worst. Or maybe they’re fun. I can’t remember since I’ve been taken for 48 years. Okay not 48 but heading towards 20. Good Lord. How can that be when I’m only 25? I guess my husband was a cradle robber. But who can blame him, when I’m so fabulous? Not me.

I went out for breakfast yesterday with this bitch and this bitch. They’re mah bitches. Ya. We went to this trucker’s truck stop/buffet breakfast thing. It was great, except the cinnamon bun that I had was too crunchy and although I did eat the inside of it, I didn’t enjoy it. But the rest of the breakfast was good. We were total oinkers ladies and did not go up for seconds. Oh also, we kept hearing this, “shower 256 is now ready”. I’m like, what the hell is that? Why does some lady keep announcing that the shower is ready? What shower? Aren’t we at a restaurant? Both Ang and Penny look at me, then each other and then burst out laughing. I’m still in the dark, apparently my blonde highlights, making me dumber than usual. They explained that, hello, truckers usually want to get clean at some point since they don’t have showers IN THEIR TRUCKS. Oh. Right. And we are at a truck stop restaurant. Got it. Doh. They had a fabulous laugh at expense and then I karate chopped them and said don’t mess with me ’cause I’ll cut you wenches and then they laughed some more and I started crying. All and all it was a nice morning.

On that note, I must go and finish packing. And by finish, I mean start. And by start, I mean, who’s moving? Not me, that’s too much work. Clearly the packing tape and permanant marker fumes are too much for me and my brain. Wish me luck. And send me cash. Nothing lower than a twenty please.

*On a very serious note, a close family member has been given some potentially horrible health news and if anyone out there prays, we’d like a few prayers for our family,if you wouldn’t mind. I’m not going to say who it is as they may not feel comfortable with having their situation on the internet. We, of course, are saying our own prayers. Thank you.*

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3 Responses to “This will bore you immensely.”

  1. LMAO….Mah Bitch!

    You need to start drinkn babe….It helps! LMAO

    Prayers are being said for your family hun.

  2. I swore I’d never move again after this last time. But we rent. So chances are that at some point we will have to. damn it.

    Hope your family sees good news soon. Keep you in thoughts and prayers.

  3. It was a fun morning Hun!!
    Glad the move went well and your bil is doing fine now
    Need to go out for breakie again really soon I think!!

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