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Ummm hello?

May 5, 2007

Remember I said I was going to tell you all about my moving tales? Ya. Well I decided, what’s there to tell? I mean you pack your shit in a box, tape up the box, load the box onto a truck, take box to new house, unpack box and crush box. Not that interesting really. So instead, let me regale you with my week.

Monday, I unpacked more stuff, cleaned. Tuesday, unpacked more stuff and cleaned. Wednesday, unpacked……..you know, I see a pattern here and it’s kinda boring too. Geez, I thought I had shitloads of fun to tell you about. Apparently it was more fun in my head thinking about telling you. Or maybe that was the booze talking? Who knows.

I finally got my desk set up. Ah, well, not me per say, my husband. He stayed up until 1am last night putting it together. I was using a Rubbermaid container for my desk, monitor was on my chair and my chair was my ass on the floor. Not a great office look really. This is the part where you feel sorry for me that I had to sit on the floor whilst on the ‘puter and then feel happy for me because I now have a real desk. Dont you love when I tell you how to feel? I know you do. You like me being bossy. Now send me money dammit.

Today is Saturday. Now sure it could be Sunday somewhere else or maybe even Tuesday, but here my friends, it’s Saturday. And you know what that means? I don’t either, I was hoping you did. God, could you be alittle more helpful? I have nothing interesting to do today. Well I do have to go shopping later at some point. Right now though, I can just sit on my ass because everyone else is still sleeping. I will of course have to feed my kids when they get up. The rule is, they should be given food at least 3 times a day or they riot. And who wants a mini riot in their home? Not me, that’s for damn sure.

I went to the grocery store to return some shower curtain hooks the other day. When I purchased them, I didn’t notice that there were only 6 hooks in it even though the box said ’12 shower curtain hooks’. Like did someone buy it previously and take 6 and then return it? I mean who only needs 6 shower curtain hooks?

Hi, I’d like to return these hooks, there’s only 6 in the box.

Yes. I see there’s only 6, what’s the problem?

Ah, there are supposed to be 12 in the package.

I don’t think so.

Yes, it’s true. It says so right on the box.


Okay? So, I’d like to get a refund please.

I don’t see it on your receipt.

It’s the very last item on the receipt.

Okay. *Just stares at me, kinda creeping me out*

Okay, so can I get a refund?

How did you pay for these?

Ah, cash.

How do you know?

It says so on the receipt. *WTF mate?*

Okay. I’ll do it.

Gee, thanks. Superfantasicsuperdeduper. I get all the nutjobs.

That about sums up my fun filled week. Oh wait, I went out for breakfast yesterday with my 2 breakfast wenches. We then hit the Dollarstore..appropriately called Dollarama. Everything is a dollar. I’m sure that’s not news, since most people have been to a dollar store where everything is a dollar. I’m just sayin’. It was fun. I went in there to buy nothing and came out with 30 items. Funny how that works. And by funny, I mean so what?

Okay my daughter just woke up and is talking crazy. She’s hungry. Yada yada yada. When are kids NOT hungry? That’s what the hell I want to know. If you can tell me why, I’ll give you a million dollars. And by million dollars, I mean I’ll send you my Monopoly money, bitches. I’ve got tons of it.

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2 Responses to “Ummm hello?”

  1. What the fuck? Get a fucking life….who would read this crap…I somehow got redirected and ended up in hell. Where do you fucking live? It’s probably Iowa or Kansas City.uck…….

  2. Well hello Hateya. Appropriate name for sure. Anyhooo, I’m not even in the US, so try try again. Thanks for stopping by with your love and good wishes. Much appreciated.

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