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Saying goodbye is hard.

May 14, 2007

Did you ever have a friend who was so bold that she could tell someone off even better than a trucker but at the same time, is so caring that she’d give you the shirt off of her back if you needed it? I do. She’s moving far away and leaving today and saying goodbye really sucks. *Insert blubbering here*

She’s the kind of friend, who you may not talk to every single day but you know that she thinks about you and you think about her and when you do talk, you can share anything. She’s the kind of friend who would drop what she’s doing if you needed her to come over and give you some wicked migraine pills to help ease your stupid painful migraine. She’s the kind of friend who hurts when you hurt. She’s the kind of friend who would finish putting together your patio set because you’re too girlie to figure the fucker out and may break a nail. She’s the kind of friend who laughs with you AND at you because she knows that you would never get mad at her for making fun of your blonde moments. *Because you’d be mad often since you often have them*……..but I digress.

She’s the kind of friend who makes really yummy potato salad and loves that you love it. She’s the kind of friend who loves your chocolate chip cookies so much, that’d she hide them from her own offspring to totally enjoy them all to herself. Now that’s a friend.

She’s the kind of friend who can say ‘fuck’ and make it sound so funny and at the same time, she can say just the right thing to make you feel better when you’re down. She’s the kind of friend who, you actually haven’t a clue what the hell she’s saying when she’s really riled up because of her accent but you think it’s freakin’ hilarious to listen to her.

She’s the kind of friend who cares about how to approach you or tell you something for fear of hurting you, because she would never want to hurt you. And she never has.

She’s the kind of friend you’ll have for life, no matter where she lives and now she’s going to be living far far away and although I’m sad about that, sad that I can’t just call her up and say ‘can you come over?’ and sad that we can’t have any more of our girls out breakfasts with Ang (another sweet friend but this isn’t about you wench…haha) but as her friend, I’m very happy for her new life change.

Penny, I wish you much success in your new home, your new city, your new everything and I will be coming to visit because you’re going to make me some of your potato salad and I’m going to sit by your pool and you’re going to take me shopping. Bossy aren’t I? I miss you already.

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7 Responses to “Saying goodbye is hard.”

  1. Saying goodbye is so hard.
    One of my very close friends was just about ready to move to Calgary. I wanted the best for her but I really didn’t want her to go.
    She changed her mind about the move. I won’t lie & say I wasn’t relieved.

  2. I can’t type because of my tears. Tears of joy that Penny is finally going to be with her hubby on a steady note now, tears because I know that everything that was just said is the truth about Penny, and tears that I can’t believe Penny ate Sassy’s cookies!!!!!

    Big hugs to you Sassy cause I know you need one, and big hugs to Penny cause she came into my life too.

  3. (((((((((Sassy))))))))))

    Goodbye IS hard. I’m sorry :-(

  4. You know what this means, right?

    ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!!

  5. Oh and I mean to say – that post was BEAUTIFUL. Has she seen it yet?

    I loves me some Penny.

  6. “Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”
    You rock GF! I love you and miss you so much you could not even understand.
    My pool is always open for business and I’ll even have a pitcher of Virgin Srawberry Daquiries!!!!

    LOVE YA WENCH!!!!!

  7. [...]   I was just browsing my girlfriends website when I came upon a post I had forgotten about. She was writing about our best friend that moved away a little over a year ago. It is a beautifully written post that I think is worth the read. I do hope you check it out! It is here! [...]

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